Monday, June 25, 2012

Reading, Writing, and (not so much) Arithmetic

It's been good to get back to reading – I hadn't realised how much I'd not been doing any until I started using my phone as a Kindle earlier this year. I've read some excellent, unputdownable stuff since. From Sue Moorcroft and Lucy Diamond, through Cally Taylor and Rowan Coleman, and on to Rosy Thornton, all during moments snatched here and there (at the playground after school, in the dentist's waiting room, at the level crossing while for four trains go through) all times when I've never had a book with me before.

And the writing too. I've been working on a new novel, not by choice you understand, but because the characters keep having conversations in my head, and I have to record it all at their behest. You know what it's like. Then there have been the shorties, not many written and edited this year, but one or two are now ready for subbing. Can't remember the last time I subbed a shorty. I feel like a newbie again! I've also been putting the final touches to a novella I wrote years ago, and which will be out soon as an ebook - watch this space!

So rather than doing other stuff while I procrastinate about writing, I've been writing while procrastinating about other stuff (mostly my OU maths degree). Needless to say, the house is a mess, but my soul is once more ordered and at peace, even if I'm back to hopping up from the meal table every five minutes because "I must just write something down."