Friday, July 13, 2012

The Game

Here's the blurb for my novella:

To win the game, all Cécile has to do is hold out against the seductive powers of Jean-Luc Galibru, a handsome French actor who seems to think he’s God’s gift to women.
From dinner in Paris, to a heady summer on the Loire, Jean-Luc puts on a Prix d'Or performance, and Cécile finds herself disarmed by his unfaltering kindness and affection – half wishing she could forget the man behind the act, the Don Juan who just can’t take no for an answer.
But it’s just a game. It should be easy, Cécile has never climbed into bed with any man without being in love with him first, and she’d never be fool enough to fall for a man like Jean-Luc Galibru.

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Carol said...

Guess who has just downloaded this?

(am very excited about reading it!)

C x