Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scrivener for Mac OSX

Scrivener is a writer's software package developed by Keith Blount of Literature & Latte. In Scrivener, Keith has collected everything a writer wants in one tidy package. Here are a couple of screen shots:


I can't begin to list everything Scrivener can do, but here are some of the main features:
  • The Binder: easy access to multiple documents within one window.
  • The Inspector: for handy note/keyword/link storage for each document.
  • The Corkboard: a facility to view multiple synopses.
  • Outliner: which gives information about multiple documents.
  • Edit Scrivenings: where multiple text files can be strung together.
  • Full screen mode: where only the text shows - no distractions.

    There are many, many other great, and useful, features.

    The best way to find out about Scrivener is to visit the Literature & Latte website and download the latest version (free for a 30-day trial). It is only by using it, that you can appreciate the full extent of Keith's brilliance.

    In my opinion Scrivener is, by far, the best value-for-money writers' software.

    Aside from the software itself, Scrivener's greatest asset is its free-to-use Forum, where a host of friendly and knowledgeable people (including Keith) are on hand seemingly twenty-four-hours-a-day to answer users' questions. As well as technical support, there are also areas for general discussion, philosophising, and so on.

    My first word processor was Word Wise Plus, which (for anyone under the age of thirty five) worked in much the same way as html code does today (but not that good). Even so, it was a vast improvement on the typewriter, and I thought it was great.

    The jump from MS Word to Scrivener has been even better.
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