Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dettol & Dioralite

You can guess, can't you?

We've all had it, all five of us, in forty-eight hours. Actually, it's longer than that now, because the small boy threw up again today, over thirty-six hours after the last time (parents of other small children will understand why this is so unfair). Only this time he did it at school, at pick-up time, right in front of the assembled parents. He also managed to splat three other small children and a teacher in the process. Oh, God. [hides face in hands] I'm tired.

We leave for Scotland tomorrow. No more school now for small boy and, given that he had to take yesterday off too, we might as well have gone on Saturday... except for all the vomiting on Sunday, of course.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Oh, you poor, poor things. I hope you make it to Scotland with no more vomiting, and have a great time. Looking forward to hearing about it in due course.

SpiralSkies said...

Oh no, public vomiting is always guaranteed to cause immense shame. Daft when it's rarely deliberate.

Happy Holibobs (my new fave word). Am looking forward to your return but hoping you have an obscenely super time.


HelenMH said...

Oh dear, nasty. Looking forward to seeing you all though x

JJ said...

Oh Poor Small Boy; I'm so sorry to hear you've all been sick. Yuckity Yuck. I hope your journey up to Scotland is uneventful and you have a fab time. (Will you be blogging from Scotland?) Love JJx

Annie Bright said...

Oh, poor you and yours. Hope you are all fit and well soon.

KAREN said...

Oh god you poor things. I'm phobic about vomiting, to these bugs are my idea of hell!

Hope you have a lovely time in Scotland :o)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh no!!
Clearing up puke is my least favourite part of motherhood. Hope he feels much better soon (and you do too...)

Tam said...

Gosh, all I've written on the blogs so far today is "hope you feel better soon".
So..er...hope you feel better soon...

Leigh said...

Zinnia - Thank you. We made it with no vomiting. In fact he scoffed snacks all the way - being half-starved after not eating for three days!

Spiral - It was incredibly embarrassing, I must say, and for some strange reason I kept on apologising to everyone.

Helen - You're a star - a very brave star!

JJ - Oh, yes, definitely blogging from Scotland. Broadband installed especially!

Annie - Thank you! All better now.

Lucy - I've cleared up so much of the stuff over the years (the small boy always has been particularly sicky) that I'm past caring. At least I thought I was until last week - and I didn't have to clear it up!

Tam - Ha! Thanks. We're all fine now.