Sunday, December 07, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

The lovely DJ Kirkby has given me this marvellous award. I am very honoured to be thus endowed by the illustrious DJK, but also to be thought of as a Superior Scribbler - especially as I have not been doing much scribbling of late.

Additionally, DJ's timing could not have been better: I went on a Della course with Helen yesterday, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I came away glowing with ideas. Subsequently, showing Helen my writing software and pictures of my main novel-characters made me miss the world in which I was once so deeply buried. And it's been a crap year, and I am keen for it to end on a positive note. So, thank you, DJ. I am truly inspired to start writing again and be worthy of this award!

So, the first thing I must do is pass it on to: womagwriter (if she's sobered up enough to receive it without falling off the stage), Helen (because her writing is so beautiful), JJ (because she deserves it), Calistro (because she's an inspiration), and Spiral Jen and Lane (because they use their writing to make other people laugh). So, here you are, girls. Enjoy it. Pass it on.

The Rules
1. Every superior scribbler must name other super scribblers.
2. Link back to the author and the name of the blog that gave you the award.
3. Display the award and link to this post, which explains the award.
4. Add your name to the Mr Linky List, some way down this page, as a record of who the superest scribblers are.


Lane said...

Well deserved m'dear. It's always lovely to see a new Leigh post winking in my Google Reader.

Glad the course has got you all fired up. I hope there's smoke coming from your Mac very soon. (That's good, writer's smoke cos you're typing so fast. Not bad, blown up computer smoke. Oh - you know what I mean:-)

Thanks for the award. Mwah:-)

HelenMH said...

Thanks very much darling. Glad to hear you're feeling inspired x

KAREN said...

Very well deserved, and it's always good to end the year on a positive note :o))

womagwriter said...

Well deserved, Leigh, and thank you for passing it on to me!

Definitely sober today, and still in the I'll-never-drink-again! stage. I expect that'll pass before Christmas.

Tam said...

Glad you were inspired by the course and well done on the award :-)

Calistro said...

Aw, thanks Leigh :o)

Am very jealous you got to go on another Della course. I'll definitely have to make time to go on one in the new year. Would be lovely to meet up with you and Helen again too :o)

p.s. How are Tuesday evenings for you? There's a flash fiction evening in Brighton once a month I fancy checking out if you're up for it. 8pm I think.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh glad to hear you've got the urge to write again. Could pass some of your inspiration my way? I'm really, really stuck in my fur lined rut of not writing :(

SpiralSkies said...

I'm so envious that you went out to play with Helen at a Della Galton course! We want to hear all about it.

Lovely to hear you sounding so positive - congrats on your award and fanks very much for mine!

Debs said...

Congratulations on your award.

Della's courses sound so brilliant, I can't wait to go on mine next summer.

JJ said...

Hey, there's a (different) award for you over at mine. JJx

DJ Kirkby said...

Still waiting for you to pass me some of your writing the meantime you won this week's WW so come on over and collect your award.

Leigh said...

Lane - Thank you, Lane. You're a sweetie. And, yes, I do know what you mean. Mushy brains together, eh?

Helen - Well deserved, so, you're more than welcome.

Karen - Thank you. And yes, I can certainly raise a smile at the prospect of seeing the back of this year...

Womag - You're welcome, and, re. Christmas intake: oh, I hope so!

Tam - Thank you! Yes, I'm still super-inspired.

Calistro - You're welcome! If there's anyone to show us how to do it, it's you!

DJ - Oh, I have every sympathy. The muse will return when she's ready. I find it helps to pretend I that can live without her, then she gets a bit needy and comes hurrying back. x

Spiral - Yes, feeling a bit better now, thank you. The course certainly helped, as did having a day to think about other things...

Debs - You'll love it. She's fab. That's all I need to (or, indeed, can) say!

JJ & DJ (again) - Thanks, girls!!