Thursday, March 18, 2010

Throwing Away the Crutches

You know how you should never google your ailments? A spot of browsing over the weekend warned me that, while I could expect to be walking normally in 4-6 weeks, I might experience problems with my ankle for 12-18 months. 12-18 months?!! I'm a mountain hiker!

Well, I've been here before: I broke this ankle in 1981, and in 1996 I fell over in my bedroom suffered the same ligament injury as now. I had physio for the break, but not for the ligament, which was a big mistake. Thus, on Tuesday I paid my money (three-month wait for the NHS), and went to see my handsome physiotherapy friend, Paul.

I wanted to know how to get better without risking further damage - the kids have been brilliant, but the novelty's worn off - and if there were even a remote chance of getting hiking-fit in time for my (already booked) trip to Scotland in May. "Yes," he said. "Throw away the crutches, and get walking!"

It was music to my ears, Dear Reader. Music. It seems obvious now (especially after all I learned about ankles on Tuesday), but am wondering why the hospital advice was limited to: 'move your foot as often as possible, and stop if it hurts' - fine for the first few days, but useless after that.

Along with ultrasound treatment, an anatomy lesson (strictly limited to lower-limb joints), and some interesting* exercises, Paul gave me his promise that I'm not going to 'do it in' again (unless I commit muppetry again), and this gave me the confidence to walk. I can't tell you how lovely that feels.

*dull as death

On the writing front, work has necessitated spending a useful amount of time on trains recently. Having tired of doing anything constructive, I had taken to staring out of the window, and as a consequence, a new-novel idea popped into my head, somewhere between Redhill and Gatwick. Plot, characters, twist and all. I am very excited (though it is currently no.6 on my list of Books To Be Written), and have already drafted a synopsis! Am a little bit smug about this.



So you're not hopping mad anymore then? ;-) Quick march, left, right, left, right.... Best foot forward :)

Denise said...

Getting rid of the crutches sounds great. Even if you're walking slowly, there's something about crutches that says I'm still very ill, rather than getting better!

I love trains for ideas. I got a slow train to Oxford last year (about an hour) just to come up with some ideas. Only spent about an hour there, wanted to get back on the train and start thinking again!

HelenMHunt said...

There is something about trains and thinking isn't there. Not sure how it works, but it does ...

Bernadette said...

Glad to hear you've been getting good advice and I hope you manage your holiday in May.

Things on the writing front look good - when you get that book deal you certainly won't be struggling for ideas for the follow-ups!

Carol said...

I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend and that your walking holiday in May is looking likely :-)

Next time your going to be in London give me a shout...I'm there a couple of days a week so we could perhaps meet for a coffee or something!

C x

Troy said...

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every by-way,
Till you trip and scream.

Jumbly Girl said...

Yay - goodbye crutches, hello walking in the hills (ok so there's going to be some preparation time in the middle but you're on your way!)

We're going to Scotland in May too - Islay and Jura. So here's hoping for good weather (and no more injuries)

Debs said...

Glad to hear you're shot of those pesky crutches.

I wish we had a train over here that I could sit on for inspiration. I wonder if Le Petit Train works as well?

SpiralSkies said...

I had a similar injury to yours and, along with the ultrasound & acupuncture, my physio had me on a sort of wobbleboard thing which I gyrated majestically upon during Emmerdale - worked wonders and really got the strength & flexibility back. Definitely worth seeking one out if you can.

Yay to no crutches and bountiful storylines though. Yay! See?

womagwriter said...

Glad to hear you are back on your feet as well as back in the saddle writing-wise, Leigh.

Karen said...

Glad to hear the crutches are gone and new novel ideas abound :o)

Leigh said...

Ooh, have just realised I have not replied to previous post's comments. Sorry folks - most remiss:

TF - No, not hopping at all anymore. Much recovered. Not quite running (or marching) yet, but striding on.

Denise - The "I'm still very ill" thing had its uses, like having people open doors, give up their seats, etc. Now they're just treading on my bad foot like normal!

Helen - It's the soporific effect of the da-duhn, da-duhn, da-duhn... or at least it would be if they hadn't gone and welded all the rails.

Bernadette - Thinking up ideas has never been the problem...!

Carol - I will certainly give you a shout. A meet for coffee (or something ;-) would be lovely!

Troy - Love you too! :-D

Jumbly - Am green with envy over your trip to Islay. Would like a postcard, please; and watch out for the Jura postie!

Debs - I'm sure all trains work. Give it a go!

Spiral - As long as I don't have to watch Emmerdale while I'm wobbling...

Womag & Karen - Thank you, both!