Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is it Me, or the Rest of the World?

I am less grumpy now, but it's taken a while. I don't believe in writing things down during a serious grump, because then the grump's there forever, and it looks like you're a grumpy person. And I'm not. Much.

I've forgotten the more trivial things now, which is good, but others still stick in my side:

• The teenage staff in the Ptarmigan Restaurant who were rude and surly - when they work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I might be getting old, but when I make a justified remark (politely) about the disappearance of the children's play area, I don't expect the staff member to say, "Well it's not my fault." And then turn to his (teenage) colleague, and say, "It's not my fault, is it?" And snigger.

• The woman who told me on the phone, "Oh yes, our climbing tower is suitable for little ones. My 18-month nephew goes on it all the time." So, we went, having spent considerable time and effort locating a climbing venue that would let the Smaller Girl (three and a half) have a go. And when I got there? They said the Smaller Girl was too young, the helmet wouldn't fit (it did), she would be scared (she wasn't), she wouldn't be able to reach (she could). After a fight (I was cross), they let her go, and she waved delightedly to me from ten feet up. She loved it.

The People's Friend, that last bastion of old-fashioned values, has stopped sending out complimentary copies to authors, citing "rising postal costs and the current difficult economic conditions." Sure, I can see that 81p, is really hard to find when you have a circulation of three hundred thousand. In addition, they didn't tell me my story (published on the 21st August) was out until the 23rd (at which time I was in remotest Scotland, with no newsagents to hand), and by the time I returned to civilisation (on the 25th), the next issue (dated the 28th) had replaced mine.

• Some yobbo threw a rock at my windscreen (mercifully not breaking it), and yet it would have been wrong for me to take a hiking pole and beat him round the head. The police came. Looked bored. Was I wasting their time? Should rock-throwing fuckwits go unreported?

And there is one other thing I'm grumpy about: the fear that I'm getting old and grumpy. I'm not a luddite. I can change. I embrace change; but I'm tired of falling standards, and seeing good services - that cost nothing - replaced with bad services, or none at all. Above all else, I'm tired of lethargy and rudeness, and grumpiness.


helen said...

"I'm tired of falling standards, and seeing good services - that cost nothing - replaced with bad services"

I am right behind you on this one.It really irks me too.

Jenny Beattie said...

Yes me too. I see things differently - not only because I'm in Thailand where good service is something to be proud of but also because I see the UK at a distance and for only four weeks or so a year. Is it because we're getting older? I don't think so.

Tom Foolery said...

Fuckwits, Oh, I rather like that word, it would make a good title for a film or book methinks ;-)

Perhaps, would shoud have an A level in the art of manners, I wonder how many would obtain an A*

Bernadette said...

Good to have you back.
All of those things would have made me grumpy too.
I have my own list that is currently making me grumpy. I think I've stopped liking people in general. (Apart from my internet friends of course!)

Troy said...

I think when attaching yobs with hiking poles you shove them hard until only the handle remains visible.

Perhaps next time you'll be seduced by a wit-throwing rockfuck?

Leigh said...

Helen - Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

JJ - Thanks for the reassurance; I don't mind getting old - I realise that's inevitable - but I am terrified of getting old and grumpy.

TF - It is a good word, yes. Once of my favourite just now. I'm sure everyone would get A* in a good-manners A-level, seeing as you don't actually need to know anything for an A-level anymore... :o(

Bernadette - There are too many different types of people to like them all, and it does seem to be taking increasing amount of effort to like any of them at all. (I agree also with your remark about Internet friends, though :o)

Troy - It's worth blogging, just for the Troy comments. I must do it more often...

Queenie said...

Internet friends are one of my main antidotes to grumpiness. That was a damn fine grump, Mrs Grumpy!

womagwriter said...

Hello Mrs Grumpy, nice to have you back in Blogland.

ref People's Friend - send them an email asking if they happen to have any back issues, as you missed your publication. Offer to pay the postage. Chances are they will take pity and just send you a copy (I did this with TAB once and it worked.)

Carol said...

Nope, it's definitely not just you!

C x

LilyS said...

Well said! This post was rather witty and am glad you wrote it down. I wish I was this funny when I was feeling grumpy.

Lane said...

Should rock-throwing fuckwits go unreported?

That is The best line I've read today. In fact in many a day.

No, it's definitely not just you.

Fran said...

I liked your grumpy post, as well as some of your other less-grumpy ones.