Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Isle of Colonsay

Today we visited Colonsay (pop. 100). There was so much to do – hills to climb, beaches to play on, beers to sample, mesolithic shell mounds to visit – that we’re just going to have to go back for a longer stay.

Herewith some piccies:

My arch nemesis Alan Jenkins - spotted at in the queue for the Jura ferry this morning.

The approach into Scalasaig, main population centre of Colonsay.

The most expensive fuel in the UK? (and, apparently, sold 'not for profit'...)

The small boy said his favourite part of the day was “going to the beach and getting soaked.”

Not looking forward to the school run next week...


SpiralSkies said...

Smiling at the fact that your arch nemesis was sitting in a queue like Postman Pat. There's something jut so brilliantly understated in it.

The whole trip looks so blissfully far removed from 'real life' - another world.

Debs said...

Isn't it such a shame that we have to get back to 'real life' and school runs next week.

HelenMH said...

How dare that man show his face?! I hope you glared at him!

ps are you any good at setting up broadband? Actually the children or the guinea pigs could probably make a better job of setting it up than I've managed so far ...

JJ said...

Oh for the simple things: 'going to the beach and getting soaked.' It's lovely for children to enjoy time like that.

Lane said...

Petrol is how much up there??

Safe journey back. It looks blissful there (apart from spotting nemesis postie:-)

Leigh said...

Spiral - Yes, it was kind of funny. I glowered at him a few times, and he looked uncomfortable enough for me to be sure he recognised me).

Debs - I am dreading it. I really am.

Helen - I certainly did! I'm not brilliant at PCs, but I might be able to help with broadband.

JJ - And it was spontaneous too, so all the more fun for that.

Lane - It costs £500 to get a tanker lorry to Islay on the ferry, so GOKs what the the full price is to Colonsay. On Islay there has been a cock-up with the fuel terminal meaning that the tanker ships can't get up to the jetty. It's all a bit of an issue.

JJ said...

Leigh, there's something over at mine for you when you've a sec. JJx