Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Awards & Away No More

JJ, that lovely lady over in Bangkok, has not only sent me some fabby flavoured lip balms (cola cola and lemon soda), she has given me a friendship award too! Thank you JJ! This is just what I need to cheer me up, as we leave for the south this morning. It's bye bye to the mountains, and hello to the M25...oh joy. At least I'll get to say hello to my sister and Helenmh on the way, so it's not all bad.

I need to pass on this award, but I am leaving now (this minute), so I'll post again when I get home.
I hope you can stand the suspense.


Lane said...

Congrats on the lovely award. Safe journey home and say hi to Helen for me:-)

Leigh said...

Thanks Lane. Indeed said Hi to Helen for you. She says 'hi' back.

Am delighted to act as a go between for two such lovely ladies, but you could just visit each other's blogs, you know.