Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogoversary Day!

How different things were when I wittered writted my first blog post in September last year. I felt very isolated in my study, but at the same time bemoaned the advice that I should 'get out there and meet other writers'. With three little children (the youngest only six months at the time) the only place I get out to was the playground, and there aren't many other writers there.

Now, a year on, I have made some very special friends - many of whom I hope to know for life. I have been on two writing courses, two Novel Racers' meets, and I am heading up to London on [edited to read...] Thursday for my second book-launch (though not actually my book, you understand). I make time for myself now, because these are things I really want to do... for myself. Thus blogging, and the world to which it has introduced me, has changed the way I live.

I used to think that blogging was an idle/frivolous pastime of absolutely no value; but, I've changed my mind. I have learned that with the right motivation and support (which might not be available locally), one can find new energy and inspiration.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all you, who read and comment on my posts. I have also generated a new award (see right) to say an extra big thank you to some of those who made me so welcome in my first few days (and who have stayed with me): SallyQ, Calistro, Helenmh, JJ, Spiral Jen and Womagwriter.

Do you have blogmates who supported your early blogging? Please feel free to give them this award.


Michelle said...

Happy blogiversary! I've only found your blog recently, but I quite enjoy it!

Annie Bright said...

Happy Blogoversary Day to you!
You were one of the very first bloggers to speak to me when I came into blogland, so a big thanks to you too! x

Pat Posner said...

Happy Blogoversary, Leigh!

I agree with your sentiments. Blogging and reading blogs is great!

Lane said...

Happy Blogday to you!

I've loved reading your posts, following your trips up to the wilds of Scotland, being awed by your DIY skills and made mushy by photos of your children. Oh and meeting you in Real Life. That was the icing.

Blogging is so worth it:-)

Caroline said...

Is the book launch on Saturday mine? Because if so it's tomorrow ... I do hope that you're still coming.

Happy blogging birthday.

SpiralSkies said...

Aw, Happy Blog Birthday! There's a reason we read your blog - when you've writted your book, we'll be reading that too.

Scrummy award, fanks v much (and get your diary out and email me some fun dates!).

Leigh said...

Michelle - Thank you! I hope you're still here to say the same next year!

Annie - Aaawww. Thanks. Hope you're enjoying blogland as much as I am.

Pat - Thanks to you too. I am obviously in good company!

Lane - The icing and the marzipan (if you like that sort of thing), and the little decorations on top too. You're a pal!

Caroline - Ha ha ha! That's so funny. I know it's tomorrow (yes, I am still coming), I just don't know what day 'tomorrow' is. One day, they promise me, my brain will no longer be formed of mush.

Spiral - Aw, shucks. Well, you deserve it, just for saying nice things like that!

Quillers said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Thanks Leigh. Happy Blogoversary to you!

womagwriter said...

Oh, thanks Leigh, that's lovely! Happy Birthday Blog, and may there be many more.

I suspect our Sally might pick up a few more of these awards - she was definitely my blog's first visitor (though I did already know her!)

HelenMH said...

Aah, thanks Leigh. That's absolutely lovely! And looking forward to seeing you and Caroline TOMORROW!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hey, Leigh - and I mean this most sincerely - many happy returns of the day!

trousers said...

Happy blogoversary day!
Hope you enjoy the book launch on Thursday too.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Happy 1st Blogoversary! Thanks much for visiting my blog and commenting about bizarre foods. I hope you'll drop by again :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

I found you via Black Box, and how interesting that I find you on your Blogoversary!! Happy Blogoversary!

And what a coincidence, I am a Mother of two little ones...and a writer. I FEEL THE SAME WAY YOU DO!!! I go to playgrounds and NO ONE writes, or even gets what it is like to have your own thoughts, separate from being a Mother. How lovely to have found you!! I started blogging in January a few more months to go until mine. I agree with you, it has changed my life.

I am doing this new "feature" on my blog called, "A Blog a Day Helps Keep Insanity at Bay." It's where I choose a blog to highlight and talk about on my blog...but one I've found via Black Box. Now, mind you, my blog isn't as lovely as yours...I'm a bit warped in the head and it will show in my blog. But pop on by and check out your feature on my blog (will be posted by tomorrow morning Pacific Time Zone)...I think I'll be back here to have another visit too!

Happy Blogoversary again!!!

Fred said...

Well done. I'm a newbie here so I need to catch up on all your posts.

Happy Anniversary!

Leigh said...

Sally - You're more than welcome. It was you who got me started!

Womag - Thank you too!!

Helen - You deserve it! Yey, looking forward to seeing you too - today!

Zinnia - Thanks, hon!

Trousers - Thank you! Really glad to have found you (via the BB widget). Love your blog!

Debra - I certainly will visit again; any excuse to talk about chicken intestines...;-)

RC - Really glad you found me! Love your blog too! Hope to see you again!

Fred - Thanks! Nice to see you again.

JJ said...

Hello m'old mucker. Sorry I'm late. Is it really only a year? I feel as though it's been longer.

Thank you sooo much for the lovely award. I am going to stick it up now while I go and add 2,000 words to my lovely Leigh'o'meter.

Hugs to you honey.

Debs said...

Happy blogiversary.

I also thought blogging to be a strange waste of time, until I started last November, and have gained so much confidence and information about writing from my cyber friends, I now can't imagine being without it.

Lily Sheehan said...

Happy blogoversary - I have come so far with my writing since i starting blogging last year so I can't praise it enough!

Anonymous said...

It feels a bit weird to visit for the first time on your blogoversary day (actually maybe it was yesterday?) but well, here I am.

I too think that blogging has enhanced my life. It kind of wrecked it first time round but this time it has been great. I've "met" (well, actually met some of them) some wonderful people and had loads of support and lots of laughs.

How did we manage before blogging? I guess we actually kept the house clean and fed the children back then??

KAREN said...

"Happy Bloggerday to yooooou!"

I didn't think this blogging lark would ever catch on, but I'm glad it did.

Here's to many more posts :o)

Tam said...

Here's to many happy blogging returns (and with stat counters we can check how many - hurrah!)

Maddie Moon said...

Belated Blogoversary Greetings!
I love your blog, Leigh.

Leigh said...

JJ - I feel it's been longer: Gawd, is it that bad ;-) You're a pal.

Debs - Me too. Couldn't survive without me blogmates now.

Lily - That's really good to hear. The support is great, isn't it?

RB - Welcome! Kept the house clean? Really? [thinks] Yes, I suppose we did. I wonder why.

Karen - Thank you! And may you stick around to say many more lovely things like that!

Tam - Thanks!

Maddie - Aw, thank you.