Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Disastrous Holiday

Sorry about the silence. Am perfectly well (although rather grumpy) following an Internet-free, four-day break in the Shropshire wilds. Despite a delightful location, snug cottage, and a lovely visit to my uncle, I am grumpy because, yet again, it all went horribly wrong. Here is a summary of the last few times I've ventured away from home:

July 2005 - We were burgled. The resultant damage cost over £10,000, and ten months, to put right.
July 2006 - A postman named ALAN JENKINS smashed into my car (on my birthday) in a remote part of the Isle of Jura (itself pretty remote), and I had to take 50% blame DESPITE BEING STATIONARY AT THE TIME (still seething over that one).
Oct 2006 Had major row with husband, and had to be talked out of divorcing him on the spot by very good friend (thanks, Maggie!)
May 2007: My Dad, who was with us (in isolated Scottish cottage), had suspected heart attack.
Oct 2007: Small girl had croup for two days, baby teethed for two days/nights, small girl broke her leg.
Feb 2008: Small boy was unexpectedly, and spectacularly, sick in the car. Spent the whole time convinced he was going to vomit at any moment. Baby teethed solidly; got no sleep. Had four-day headache instead. Got £60 parking ticket.

I'm never going away again, ever...


HelenMH said...

Oh Leigh - lots of hugs ...

CTaylor said...

Oh Leigh that's awful. What a spectacular run of bad luck :o( I don't know what to suggest apart from maybe going on holiday on your own without a car? A nice writing retreat or something? Anyway, as Helen said, lots of hugs.

JJ said...

Oh Leigh, yes, I recognise most of those. I am sorry. Holidaying with small children is so hard. We didn't really do it for the first four years or so, because it struck me as harder work than staying home. They do, however, get better (the holidays and the kids!) so hang in there believing in the better ones to come.

Lane said...

Oh dear, you poor thing. Hope you're feeling better now.
Ctaylor's idea of a writing retreat is a great one if you can be spared for a few days.
Hope the little ones are feeling better.

Leigh said...

Thank you, Helen!

Cally - Oooh, a holiday on my own...actually, I quite like going away with the kids, although a little break on my own would be nice. But it ain't going to happen. In about ten years, maybe!

JJ - Well, except for the last two trips, the children haven't been the problem! But I know what you mean. No, holidays are the only way for me to get a 'break', so I keep going. A change is as good as a rest and all that, although sometimes I wonder.

Lane - Thank you, yes, somewhat recovered now, after a good night's sleep! I'd love to go on a writing retreat, but no I can't be spared, even for a few hours, it seems. It's costing me a million brownie points, to farm children out right left and centre, just to go on Della Galton's day course. But, oh, a week on a retreat.....aaaaah.

Maddie Moon said...

Aaargh, Leigh, that's bloomin' rotten luck. Hopefully your day with Della will go some way to making up for it.
I think holidays are vastly over-rated meself.


Christ - it's always the way isn't it?

We didn't even go away last year, because the previous holiday was so bad!!

Leigh said...

Maddie - thank you, yes, looking forward to tomorrow. Only my fourth 'day off' in five years!

Karen - Oh, I sympathise. I really do!

Leigh said...

Maddie - Holidays and housework, eh?
Had a lovely time on Della Galton's course (today). You were right about her being so nice, and the course so constructive. Really enjoyed the day.