Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good Vibrations

Thank you to the Moondreaming Daisy for this tag: five ways I raise my vibrations. Sadly, not as naughty as it sounds.

Nice Days with the Kids
By nice days, I mean those days when I've had enough sleep, everyone else has had enough sleep, no one's hungry or ill, and the sun is out... The days when I have patience to sing along to kiddies songs on the CD player, or get the paints/glitter & glue/baking kit out, or just have time, energy and inclination to muck about with them, wrestling on the floor (or whatever). I love days like that.

I would be lost without the chance to write. I would spend my days wondering around, gnashing my teeth, and blurting out lines of unused dialogue. I fear I would sound a bit like a bear with Tourette's.

Writing leads me straight on to music, because I am unable to do the former without the latter. My most productive writing comes when I am lounging on my bed, headphones on, listening to the same twelve tracks over and over again! I do listen to other music at other times too!

Going to the Cinema
I get all excited when I go to the cinema, like a teenager on her first date. Himself is not a big fan of the movies (it's much more fun to go with Jane), but I manage to drag him out of the pub every now and then.

Now, I know this is not exciting at all, but I really look forward to going to sleep. That dozy time between being awake and being asleep is when I think up the best plot twists and dialogue (it is also when I forget the best plot twists and dialogue). It is also the time when my mind seems to float free of the day's stresses, and I can feel positive about even the worst things. It's probably the only time when I am completely chilled. This is generally when one (or more) of the children wake(s) up...

I now tag Womagwriter, Lucy, Maddie, Jen and JJ.


Lane said...

I like the way writing is included in at least three of your 'vibrations':-)

I think you may well be a writer!

Leigh said...

Gawd, I hadn't noticed that! Makes me a bit of a lost cause, doesn't it?

womagwriter said...

Cheers Leigh - sorry hadn't realised you'd tagged me but I've done this anyway, tagged by Gonna Be!

Yep, I can relate to all of yours, specially the sleep one.


All of 'em good vibrations. Can't manage without a good portion of sleep - it makes such a difference :o)

Moondreamer said...

All fab answers, Leigh!

I often get creative ideas just as I'm falling asleep too ... and nearly always forget them.

Your 'nice days' sound so lovely, very warm and fuzzy!


Leigh said...

Womagwriter - Oh, the sleep's the most important one, but a bit boring to put first!

Karen - see above!!!

Moondreamer - I'd like to have a record button imprinted in my brain which I can use to record thoughts without having to move. Fuzzy is a good word for nice days. Yes, they're very fuzzy.