Friday, February 29, 2008

A Submission!

I have finally got my act together and sent an adaptation of this post off to Bloggers for Charity. If you have somehow managed to miss every instance of this logo, and/or would like to know more, click on it for more information.
War Child is a UK based charity helping children all over the world.

Funny how, even though subbing to a nice friendly bunch of bloggers, my heart still raced when I pressed the 'send' button. Oh, the excitement of it all.


KAREN said...

That's a good post to submit, Leigh - I think they were looking for more humourous pieces :o)

It is exciting sending things off - I definitely get a thrill out of it. Maybe I'm easily pleased!

JJ said...

I know - seven days, eh? Eeejits.

Kate.Kingsley said...

I submitted too ~ and I also got very wobbly hitting "send"!

Good luck ~ hope you're successful! :-)

Lane said...

You are certainly 'Not Alone' in that department:-) Great piece and the best of luck with it.
Seems like there have been loads of submissions. I hope one of our blogger friends makes it.

Leigh said...

Karen - Easily pleased? You and me both! For some reason it feels so much more daring to email a submission than send it by post!

JJ - I was speechless!

Thanks, Kate. Wobblers together, eh? Good luck to you too!

Lane - Thank you. I hope so too - then I won't mind when it's not me!

HelenMH said...

Brilliant - well done you x

liz fenwick said...


Leigh said...

Thank you, Helen!

Thank you, Liz!

Maddie Moon said...

I love that feeling of sending something out there!
Good luck with your piece, Leigh - it's a good one!