Saturday, September 20, 2008

Warning: Rant Alert

The baby has been playing with the hoover switch this morning, while I've been trying to hoover - thus I am in ranting mood. However, toddlers are just having fun, whereas this lot have no excuses:
1. People parking on the pavement (thus blocking it), because they're too damn lazy to walk the extra 50 yards from the carpark.
2. People parking in parent/disabled spaces because they're too damn lazy to walk the extra 50 yards, etc.
3. Call-centre morons telling you that you'll have to 'put that in writing', because although they're happy to take your order (and your money) over the phone, they're completely incapable of taking your cancellation over the phone. Probably can't spell cancellation.
4. Teenagers on supermarket checkouts who zap your shopping through at 100-items a second, and hold their hands out for the money while you still have the European food mountain in front of you. And then, they put on this face that says: "Would you like help with your packing now?"
5. The dog-owner who says "Oh, he won't hurt you," as his fat labrador knocks your small child flying into a bed of nettles/brambles.

What gets your goat?

And a big thank you to all my widget visitors, many of whom I've been magicked to already. I'll be popping by to say hello to everyone else soon.


liz fenwick said...

Yes, I do hate all of them but especially the food mountain :-)

Debs said...

Having just returned from walking the dog (a small one) and shopping at the local supermarket, I certainly sympathize with both of those.

I get so irritated by people with large, or aggressive dogs that they can't control and dont keep on leads.

People who don't say thankyou when you hold open a door or whatever.

Oh the list goes on.

Lane said...

Oooh yes agree with all, particularly number 3.

My rant today? Didn't Flakes used to be as long as a pencil? Was disappointed to find they have shrunk by about two inches.

Seriously though - having all change and receipt dumped in a pile in my hand. People used to count the change out for you.

Also packaging. All of it!

Debs said...

I've been brought here by the widget.

Flakes, shorter? Now that is cruel.

womagwriter said...

I'm with you on all of those. Have a hug (and a shortened Flake).

Fred said...

Here via the Black Box. How cool!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I was cruising on one of my favorite blogs, Chronicles of a Country Girl, and read about the black box widget. I clicked DECIDE, answered a series of questions, and it brought me here to you. I honestly don't remember the questions or my answers, but apparently we answered similarly. Which goes to show, great minds DO think alike! Nice blog you have!

Helen said...

I have to say number one bothers me. A LOT. Someone at the bottom of our road has a regular visitor that parks really close to her hedge. They think they are keeping the way clear for the cars but what about me, my son and my huge bump. I squeezed through the gap on purpose just to make a point. And talked loudly about inconciderate drivers at the same time. And there is a car park opposite.


JJ said...

Oh I think it's number three for me. I can't stand ringing any 'helplines' - they are the biggest misnomer ever!

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, Good God, everyone pisses me off.

Really, it's a wonder I'm let out at times. A list of 5 is a warm-up, surely?

Maureen said...

Ha! Yes, there are many things that make me want to rant. But then I take a deep breath and remember that most aren't worth risking my blood pressure over....

HelenMH said...

Ooh, don't get me started. Top of the list - and not for the first time - BT! First they told me I could have 'Call Sign' on my line no problem. Just give us a ring they said. Then when I phoned and asked them to set it up they told me that I couldn't have it for reasons I failed to understand. After I'd spent ages on the website and established there was no valid reason why I couldn't have it, they agreed to set it up and ring me to let me know. They finally set it up, but did they ring me to let me know ... no, of course they didn't! So, something that should have taken ten minutes has now taken me several hours ...

Julie said...

...server going down mid photo post...?!

KAREN said...

Ooh all of those things, plus drivers who don't acknowledge you when you let them out. Rudeness in general really. Grrrr.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Being held in a queue - only to be answered by a string of automated-voice menus.

Those pasta packets that are really difficult to open so you pull harder and harder until they explode pasta all over your kitchen.

Town planners.

Caterpillars on my plate.

Tinny Xmas music in shops (any day now...)

Bernadette said...

How long have you got? Having just come back from holiday can I add:-

Check-in staff who chat to each other while dealing with you and don't speak to, or acknowledge, you at all, just stick their hand out and expect you to know what to put into it (I was very tempted...)

People with wheely cases and/or rucksacks who think that because it's behind them it can't possibly be doing any damage.

People who think that getting their bags out of the locker before the seatbelt sign has gone off will mean they get off the plane sooner than everyone else (Tempted again, but I don't think those windows open...)

I could go on but I have to mention my main one which is people who eat crisps/apples/anything crunchy RIGHT IN MY EAR!

Off to my darkened room now.

Leigh said...

Liz - It's the smug face, isn't it? Hate it!

Debs - I usually say 'you're welcome' in a loud voice. But I'm cruel. I think good manners are the oil of society, and simply cannot be ignored.

Lane - Yes. YES! They did used to be longer. I've been noticing this too. I'd rather they put the price up, than did shortened them. Chocolate is chocolate after all. Can't do without it.

Debs - It's probably a cynical marketing ploy to get us to buy two of them.

Womag - Thanks! Hugs are always welcome (as are flakes, of any length)!

Hi, Fred. I'll be along to visit your blog soon.

Hello to Debra too! Glad you found me. I'll come and have a look at your blog. That camera looks serious.

Helen - It's infuriating, isn't it? I think the only times I ever lost my temper in public is over selfish parking.

JJ - Oh, you're so right there. Along with 'rush hour' and 'simple harmonic motion' (sorry, getting a bit nerdy there.

Spiral - A warm up? Sure. I could do you a list of fifty, no problem.

Maureen - You are a very wise and sensible lady. I will try harder to be like you, otherwise, I fear, I won't live very much longer.

Helen - Oooooh, I can feel the top of my head beginning to boil, just at the mention of BT. You have my sympathy (and empathy), honey. Here's a hug. Hope it helps.

Julie - Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Cruel. That is sooo annoying.

Zinnia - Oh, the pasta packets! Every time I open one, I utter some profanity (and not always under my breath). I'm with you on the Xmas music too. Look out! It's nearly October!

Maddie Moon said...

Oh yes, I agree with all of those.

I'd add people who don't take their trolleys back to the trolley bay at the supermarket. How lazy is that?

Shop assistants who can't even be bothered to speak and just hold out their hand for money. I always says in my best hoity-totiy voice, 'how much is that please?' That shows them.

I have a mad, uncontrollable dog, but I do keep her on a lead and she hasn't eaten any children. Yet.

Flakes? That's outrageous. We should all complain.

Maddie Moon said...

Ooh, you've got me started now!

When you ask people how they are and they say, 'I'm good, thanks!' Grrrr.

Leigh said...

Maddie - Rude shop assistants? Grrrrrrrrr!!! I'm with you there!