Friday, January 23, 2009

I Made DJ Kirkby Laugh

Apart from the occasion of my previous post, I am not having a good week (not least because I've realised that my latest story-a-fortnight candidate just doesn't hack it). Only three evenings until the deadline, which might seem like loads of time, but Helen's coming to stay... and it is possible that alcohol will be involved...

Fortunately, DJ's weekly caption-competition once again brought a few belly-laughs into my life on Wednesday, not to mention a huge grin this morning when I discovered I was a joint winner for for the second of her two photos (DJ, where do you find them?).

So, I'm happy again.


DJ Kirkby said...

I find the photos everywhere! Helen's coming to stay? Does that mean you are travelling down here together? Do you know Carol is coming? With her BF Tom? She is looking to hook up with others coming by train. See you all Monday, yaaaaayyyyyy!

JJ said...

Very very glad to hear that you are feeling more cheerful after your laughs.


Congratulations on winning the wonderful award. Have a great weekend - enjoy the alcohol! (says she writing this with a semi hangover. BANG BANG :) TFx

Carol and Chris said...

Your award is well deserved...your caption made me laugh too!!

Do you know what train your getting? Cause Tom (my best mate) and I could try and get the same one

Sorry to hear you've had a crappy week

C x

Debs said...

DJ's photos are fab.

Congratulations on your win, and hope you have a fun weekend.

claire p said...

Have a great weekend, sounds intreaging x.

HelenMHunt said...

I would say there will definitely be alcohol involved! I haven't written my SAF story yet. I've got an idea but it just won't let itself be written.

Leigh said...

DJ - Looking forward to it!!!!!

JJ - Thank you, sweetie. They say laughing is good for you, so I intend to be doing much more of it from now on ;-)

TF - Thank you, and I hope the head's stopped hammering!

Carol - Sadly, we're driving. Puritanical train-timetablers and all that. But see you there, all the same!

Debs and Claire - Thank you both!

Helen - Bring your laptop, you can write it in the car on the way to DJ's, although, methinks, probably not on the way back...;-)

Lane said...

Congratulations on winning DJ's comps!

Have a lovely weekend. I'm sure you two ladies are going to sit and write furiously together, bouncing ideas back and forth, no idle chatting. Aren't you .....?;-)

Have fun:-)

Troy said...

Congratulations on your win. It is fun trying to amuse DJ each Wednesday isn't it?

KAREN said...

I'm struggling with my SAF story today :oO Hope you're still cheery!

BT said...

Hello hello, it's BT here, we met on Monday evening at DJK's. What a great time I had too. Sorry you've been crappy up until then. You'd never have known.

Well done for your win too. Those captions make me laugh but I'm hopeless at thinking of them.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Being happy, that is a good thing.

Leigh said...

Lane - We did, actually do a bit of writing, but not until Tuesday morning, in a tea shop. Very bohemian we were!

Karen - Oh, you had hours to go, love, hoursl ;-)

BT - Hellooo! It was lovely to meet you, and I very much hope to do so again!

Zinnia - True. I do try.