Thursday, January 08, 2009

FOR SALE: Loo Cistern (in two parts)

Ah ha! I have been challenged, by my Partner in Procrastination, Tom Foolery, to post the following pictures of this bog blog standard item.

And, TF, I'll have you know I went out into the cold to get this...

And appreciating that interested parties might want to see some features in close up:

From left to right: the flush mechanism, the handle (just look at the quality - they don't chrome things like that anymore),
and the broken edge - to illustrate ease of gluing (Araldite recommended).

Additional information: this cistern gave faultless service from November 1981, until October 2008, when it fractured, loudly, at 4am, gushing water all over the bathroom floor (while the valve, of course, began dutifully refilling at full pressure...).

Fortunately, I had returned from a ten-day holiday some full two days previously, and being a mother of small children, was instantly awake to the sound of Something Not Right in the Household. Thus, the bathroom carpet was saved (sadly), as was the windowsill of the room below (including its collection of dead flies, dust, and lego-models). Hurrah.

But, having flushed itself into the focus of my anti-hoarding obsession, the loo is now in want of a loving home. See TF's blog for full details ;-)


Tam said...

Can I pay in installments? Hur hur hur...

HelenMHunt said...

Oh dear, I thought my broken siphon and leaky (whatever that thing at the bottom of the cistern is) were bad enough. I didn't know I was born did I?


Leigh, LOL!!!! The PIC thinks I've gone mad. Shit I'm mad. You're bloody mad woman. I love it :))) It's good to focus the mind on something funny once in awhile. Lets just hope you get an offer and the marketing ploy is not just a "flush in the pan" TFxx

B said...

At least it had the sense to break loudly! :o)

Debs said...

Well, it certainly didn't go quietly by the looks of it. Impressive break.

Dar said...

Gotta love that Chrome! LOL

Lane said...

Dear Ms Leigh
I am thinking of making a Marcel Duchamp type installation. How much is postage?
Yours respectfully Ms Flushing

JJ said...


(The word verification is funonspi - do you think it's deliberate?

Who's This Then said...

So you have a collection of dead flies, dust and lego models. It is good to have a variety of interests.

claire p said...

Does it have a lid? We need a new lid, builder broke ours.

You collect dead flies and dust too!! It's not just me then!

And I'm glad someone else lives by the 'it might come in useful' mantra.

CC Devine said...

Always interesting to find randoms bits and bobs lurking behind furniture etc. that have been deposited there by kids. You know that lost item will turn up but just not when.

KAREN said...

As tempting as it is, I'm going to pass on this delightful objet d'art - we have one of our very own already :o)

womagwriter said...

Leigh, it's, um, lovely, but I'll pass.

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG, I laughed at this post. You are funny. Chopper explained to me about TF's idea but I haven't got round there to read yet. xo

Troy said...

I'm interested in it - can I view it at your convenience? Do you do part exchange - any thing you'll take in lieu? Can you deliver to London WC postcodes? Can I try it out and then leave a deposit? My Arab friend Justma Karzi is also looking for one.
I was hoping to come up with some toilet jokes but can't think of any.

Captain Black said...

I'll swap you a broken chair for your cistern.

liz fenwick said...

Brilliant! Nearly slipped my coffee laughing :-)

Leigh said...

Tam - You can pay any way you like, Darlin'

Helen - Oh, I don't know. Leaks are very irritating. All that drip-drip-dripping. I think I had the better deal.

TF - D'ya like it? Good good. I had what sounded like a serious offer from someone, but when I found out his name was John, I realised he was just taking the piss.

B - Thank God!

Debs - I'm just so glad I was here!

Dar - Hello! Yeah, can't fault it, can you?

Lane - If you're quick, you'll get it for a pong.

JJ - Absolutely. Better to be bonkers than up one's own bum, wouldn't you say?

Who's This Then - (I could have mentioned the carpet moths, too; but I didn't want to make folk jealous.)

Claire - The lid, my dear, is in perfect condition. Apart from being diarrhoea-coloured too, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

CC - But you can be sure it won't be worth as much when it does ;)

Karen - What?! As nice as this?

DJ - Blame it on TF. That's what I say. Actually, blame it on Chopper; he started it.

Troy - Oh, Troy. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a closet seller, and prefer to stay in my comfort station (otherwise I go a bit potty), but if your terms are commodious and, you're prepared to carry the can if it all goes bottoms up, I don't mind you being privy.

Captain - You're on!

Liz - :)