Sunday, January 04, 2009

Slightly Out of Focus: a blog

I've discovered a new blog: Slightly Out of Focus (a name that, I think, speaks to many of us). It's owned by Leah Ebdon, a creative writing student who appears to like cats and motorbikes (so she gets my vote), and is quite handy with a camera too. Go see.




JJ said...

OMG, I love the pic of the sillouette of the cat. Gorgeous. Thanks for the link.

Swerdnic said...

Wow, thanks for the mention Leigh!
I do love my cat. She's my little sister. My boyfriend is the bike lover but I'm getting into it slowly.
Thanks again. And well done on achieving a goal last year. I didn't set any - so my expectations were low, lol.

liz fenwick said...

OOh love cats and love those pics. Thanks for the link and happy New Year.


HelenMHunt said...

Aah yes - a fellow cat lover! Must be good!

Lane said...

What great photos. Thank you:-)

KAREN said...

Wonderful photos :o)

Debs said...

Great photos.

sheepish said...

I think your table shows an amazing amount of work. Hope 2009 works out for you on all fronts.
I shall now check out your link.

Leon Basin said...

Hello, fellow writer!!!

Leigh said...

TF - s'good, innit?

JJ - Yeah, my favourite, that one.

Swerdnic - oh, you're more than welcome, sweetheart. You've a good eye, and they're pictures worth showing off.

Liz - HNY to you too!

Helen - Yeah. Knew you'd like it!

Lane, Karen & Debs - Glad you like them. You're welcome!

Sheepish - Thank you. I sincerely hope your year is a better one too. x

Leon - Oh, and I didn't even get a post-specific comment. I am disappointed.