Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is Everyone Going?

In an uncontrolled fit of benevolence, I agreed to collect the Reconstructed Man from Heathrow yesterday. I say uncontrolled, because his flight was due to land at 5.25am.

The alarm was set for four ten, and we were on the road by half past. All through the Sussex weald, I saw no more than half a dozen cars, but by the time we reached the M25 (5.30ish) there were hundreds of them.

I don't do mornings (the school run is very much my limit), but when I am out early, I'm amazed at the amount of traffic. Where is everyone going? Some, I discovered, were heading for the airport like me, but what about all the others? Do people go to work that early? What work to they do, to be on their way at that time of day?

Do you ever go out at 5am, and if so, where are you going?


Calistro said...

I'm normally coming home! ;o)

HelenMHunt said...

God, no! You must be kidding!

claire p said...

I often go out of my mind at 5am, if Jamie has been up since 2am!
If we get more than six card a day here we thing something must be wrong!

Swerdnic said...

I have no idea what 5am looks like! - well maybe from the other side. he he.

Melissa Marsh said...

The only reason I'd be out at 5 a.m. is to catch a flight, or pick up medicine for a sick kid!

Lane said...

The alarm was set for four ten, and we were on the road by half past..
Did you really get three children up and in the car in twenty minutes??

I'm sometimes up at 5am but out? Oh no.

Leigh said...

Calistro - I remember the days!

Helen - LOL!

Claire - I know that feeling!

Swerdnic - It's not very pretty, I can tell you. Not this time of year, anyway.

Melissa - Ohhh [closes eyes, and nods slowly], I know what that feels like too.

Lane - Yes, and it was easy. Only one of them bothered to open its eyes - even while I dressed them!

womagwriter said...

If I was up at that time it would be to catch an early flight, and that flight would be the absolute only possible flight to where ever we were going. I would do ANYTHING to avoid having to get up at that sort of time.

Having said that, my alarm went off this morning at 4:20. I have no idea why - it should have been set for 7:20. It took me a good few minutes to realise what the time was, and go back to blissful sleep.

JJ said...

Only to go on holidays, but even then, it's evil.

Who's This Then said...

When I was younger I liked to be in bed early. If not, I'd go home.

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Even God isn't up that early. I hope you were appropriately thanked....preferably with jewelery!

DJ Kirkby said...

The only place I go at 5am is my computer. Clearly woman, you are a saint. I wouldn't even pick my own mother up from the airport at 5am. In fact, my favourite cat Grumplestiltskin wouldn't even let me out of bed at 4am-ish...yet one more reason why he is my favourite.

liz fenwick said...

That's the time the mosque starts its call so many days I get up then to have peace and work on puter without guilt!

Calistro - I don't think I can remember those days!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love mornings but 5 am is too early even by my standards. I sometimes wake at 5 but I don't usually get up till 6 at the earliest. I'd only be out at 5 for an airport run.

Leigh said...

Womag - You got back to sleep?

JJ - And to leave blog comments ;-)

Who's This Then - Ha ha ha!

=Hi - Cherry and almond croissant, actually, which in my book is just as good!

Liz - I hadn't thought about the mosques. Well, I suppose that explains where some of them might have been going!

Zinnia - Ooh, an hour's dozing in the morning? Lovely!

SpiralSkies said...

There really is no excuse for being dressed at that time. It's obscene. I do get up ridiculously early and am often waltzing through the woods by 6am in the summer but I truly am cross if there's anyone else in 'my' world at that time.

Maybe they are all postmen, going about their postie business?

Anonymous said...

I'm very seasonal when it comes to sleeping patterns. In the summer I need around six hours sleep per day. In the winter I need around twenty-six!

If I'm awake and dressed at 5 am, it's either because I haven't been to bed yet, or because I'm going to or from the airport.

Debs said...

My alarm is set for 6am during the week, and that nearly kills me. So, for the last few years at least, I have no idea what 5am looks like.

Mind you, R has to get up at 4am quite a lot of the time for his job, and I don't know how he does it.

B said...

I would pay a large amount of money to anyone whose plane arrived at that time for them to get a taxi home if it meant I didn't have to collect them.

I once got up at 4am to leave home at 5am for a 7am flight. But that was the only choice. I was terrified I was going to oversleep.

Leigh said...

Jen - So, not getting dressed is less obscene. Eh?

Captain - Ha! You must be a bear! I always suspected as much!

Debs - Okay. So what is it, exactly, that R does? This is crucial to the whole post!

B - I wouldn't have gone, only he was bringing some enormous box (the size of a double decker) home for a friend. [Sigh]

Queenie said...

Maybe R works at McDonalds? I drove past one today and it had a big banner saying 'now open at 5 am'. I can't imagine who would want a double yuckburger and fries at that time in the morning. (Or any time, in fact.)

Creative Crunches said...

You're sooo good! I'd be like, you want me to find you a cab number baby?

Leigh said...

Queenie - Hello! Yuckburger? Not me. Not at any time of day!

Creative Crutches - Ha ha ha. LOL!