Saturday, December 01, 2007

Adorable Children

Himself has a birthday today.

Sometime around six thirty (am) I became aware of a conversation going on downstairs. Now the small boy (nearly 5) can get up when he likes, but the small girl (nearly 3) is not allowed out of her room before the clock chimes at seven (when the baby gets up). She had quite clearly ignored that rule this morning.

Having been working on my Message until after midnight, I really couldn't be bothered to fetch her back to bed. There were no sounds of struggle, so I left them to it.

Shortly before seven, I heard them coming up the stairs, whispering. They were dragging something heavy. There was some discussion while they stood outside our door, until I heard a quiet "Yeah, let's go in. Come on." They crept into our room, and stood silently beside the bed for three whole minutes until the clock struck the hour.

They had retrieved all Daddy's presents, from the various places in which we hid them yesterday evening, put them in a bag, and had brought them up to give to him.

How's that for adorableness?



The original title of mine was Finding Jayne (until I decided to change her name) so I'm biased!!


Oops, I've put my comment in the wrong place, I do apologise! Put it down to more birthday madness. My twin sons are 16 today, so I was just having a bit of sneaky time out and got confused!

Lane said...

That is total adorableness. Bless 'em. And happy birthday to himself:-)

HelenMH said...

I agree with Lane - that is sooo cute

womagwriter said...

It's great when kids prove they can be sooooo good! Hope you've had a great day.

JJ said...

Ah that's so lovely. Can't kids be lovely? (usually when they're asleep I've noticed, but sometimes, even awake!)

Jen said...

Aw, that's really adorable. It's lucky that the scrummy bits make up for all the all-too-frequent crummy bits.

Leigh said...

Karen, be as biased as you like! "Prejudice is a great time saver..." and all that! And with 16yo twin sons, you can be forgiven for any amount of confusion.

Thank you, Lane & Helen & Womagwriter! The kids remained (almost) as well behaved as they started, and he enjoyed the day all the more for that!

You're right, JJ. They can be particularly lovely when they're asleep. They look so...peaceful.

Thank you, Jen. You're so right there. I'm sure that's why tiny babies start smiling after six weeks, because they know it's time they did something cute!