Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cat in Trouble Again

When we bought our nice new bookcases, I scoured the shops for some nice bookends to go on them. You know, nothing tacky, but not to expensive. I looked and looked, but I never did find any.

This evening, (while writing Christmas cards), I heard a scrabbling behind me. Rudy had jumped on to the laser printer (which is on the floor), and was scattering sheets of paper from the top of it. He continued scrabbling for quite a while, but I didn't pay it much attention. I was just glad that he had stopped trying to rub his ear on the end of my pen:
M_r & Mrs A.____ Carte______r,
54 Lovela________n____d Drive,
We___st Su_sse_____x

Yes, thanks, Rudy.

I managed to ignore his antics for quite a while, until he off-loaded a wodge of books from the shelves above and dumped them on the printer. I turned round then, I can tell you.

Rudy is a big cat (not fat, just big), but he had managed to squeeze himself into a tiny space and look quite cute (and innocent) in the process. I have absolutely no idea how he did it, despite being less than four feet away at the time.

And doesn't he make a lovely bookend?


JJ said...

Oh I want a cat; I want a cat. It's not fair - I miss one and I want one NOW.

HelenMH said...

Would you like Smudge for the other end?

Debs said...

He makes an adorable bookend. So clever too.

Leigh said...

I feel for you JJ. I've only lived without a cat for two years of my life, and it was really strange. Wouldn't want to do it again. On the other hand, there are times when you'd be welcome to borrow this one...

Ooh, Helen, yes please. What a lovely pair they'd make (or, perhaps, that should be 'right pair')!

Hi, Debs. He is adorable, and we love him very much; but clever he ain't!

Lane said...

That looks like the perfect spot for him. And he's being useful too. Think how those books would topple if he wasn't there:-)
(Maybe he doesn't approve of the titles he knocked off:-)

Leigh said...

You're right, Lane. He's being very useful. I just wish he'd tip over the piles of stuff that need sorting rather than the stuff that has already been sorted...