Saturday, December 15, 2007

Your Messages: I'm In!

I am really chuffed to have been selected for the Your Messages anthology. Like others I've been having to keep this under my hat since Tuesday, which has been hard! But this morning, the list of selected authors was published on the Your Messages blog, so I can finally let on.

They have chosen my contribution from the 10th of November - the one I call my 'muse' piece - which was my favourite, and the one I thought had the best chance of being selected.

I am glad to see a couple of blogging-buddies in the list (one with two pieces selected - well done, she-who-we-no-longer-name-by-name!); but I am sad to see serveral notable omissions, including one blog-pal who made fine contributions almost every day. I was certain that she would get at least one piece in, if not three. This is a great shame, and a reflection of what a hard job it must have been for them to choose.

Himself and I will be going to the book launch in January, thanks to Jane. She has offered to look after all three children from about 5pm (the worst possible time of day) in addition to her own three small kids. As she contributed to Your Messages (under a pseudonym), but was not selected, this offer is particularly gracious, and I love her all the more for it.



Lane said...

Well done Leigh! Stonkingly good news:-)

And a launch? Great stuff!

Jane indeed sounds a wonderful friend. You're very lucky:-)

CTaylor said...

Well done Leigh that's excellent! So pleased for you and everyone else but yes, I did notice that some people I thought should have been selected weren't. That sucks.

But yeah! Hooray for you. The first time I was published I invited friend's round to drink champagne I was so pleased! Enjoy the feeling and I look forward to meeting you in January :o)

Charlotte said...

Congratulations, Leigh! Very thrilled for you. I'm sure the launch will be a blast, especially since you get to go with your husband and without your darlings. Have fun.

CTaylor said...

ignore typo in previous post. "friends round" not "friend's round". Bah!

Sarah*G* said...

Congrats! That is so cool! Have a great time at the launch!
Fabulous news!

(Could I use any more ! if I tried?!)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...


(that's how it's done, Sarah*G*!)

Leigh said...

Thanks, Lane. Yes, Jane's a good pal!

Looking forward to seeing you, Cally! Your friend's and my fanstastic should make for a good typo-time!

Thank you Charlotte. I rarely get to go out without the kids, so it will be very strange, but fun, I'm sure!

Thank you, Sarah*G*!! !!!! !!!!!!

Thank you, Zinnia! I'm sorry you're not going, but well done for being selected!

womagwriter said...

Woo hoo, well done Leigh!

Helen said...

ooh well done Leigh, great news!

Lucy Diamond said...

Well done - and a book launch too. How exciting!! Wahey indeed

Leigh said...

Thank you, Womagwriter, Helen and Lucy!
Now over a week since I got the email, and I'm still chuffed!

SallyQ said...

Well done, Leigh (sorry to only just be catching up with this great news). What a fantastic boost and proof that you're doing the right thing.

Leigh said...

Thank you, Sally!