Monday, December 03, 2007

A Room of my Own: Progress Report

Yesterday, himself helped me clear the tops of the bookcases; we found lots of lovely stuff to throw away:
• manuals for software that we don't have anymore.
• fourteen empty box files (yes, I'm sure they'll come in handy one day; that's the problem)
• a duplicate copy of Chamber's Dictionary.
• a box of (get this) 3.5" floppy disks (I haven't used these since I was, ahem, at uni.)
• two dozen ZIP disks (ditto + a few years).
• loads of free computer-magazine CDs for Mac OS7.5 software (PC users, read: Windows 3).
• a broken "Pete-the-Repeat" Parrot (he's great actually, but we have a working one too)
• a rather large quantity of dust.

The bookcases are on my side of the study, but himself didn't let that worry him as he pulled everything down, and dumped it all on the nearest available surface for me to sort. His part of the job took approximately eight minutes, whereupon he left me to do the rest. Consequently, my beautifully clear desk now looks like this (again), and I can no longer see my picture of the loft.


I'm wondering how many times I'll have to ask him to do something about it, before he does something about it...


HelenMH said...

Oh dear! Still looks much tidier than my writing room though!

Lane said...

I'm sorry but that did make me laugh:-)
Even the snake lamp looks distressed like it's trying to find the printer.
And I see a child's toy has even appeared:-)

Maddie Moon said...

Your after shot still looks pretty tidy to me. Besides, I think you need a little bit of chaos for the creative juices to flow. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

CTaylor said...

For a second I thought you'd put the photos round the wrong way!

JJ said...

If my husband's anything to go by he'll get it done by Never.


Now I'd welcome a challenge like this, as I could put off Getting On With Writing for a few hours!
Now I come to think of it, my desk is looking a bit shambolic...

Leigh said...

Ah, Helen, but that's because you're writing, rather than procrastinating!

Oh, Lane. The toys, the toys! The baby, of course, much prefers playing with the printer (there's one on the floor, too), and has worked out how to print a test page...

Believe me, Maddie, anything bar complete chaos is tidy for me. But it was so nice, and I had worked so hard to make it look beautiful...

Cally - I wish I had!

JJ, I asked him again this morning, and he happily directed me (from his side of the study) as I cleared it all away... Ah, well. At least it's done now.

But, Karen, you're a fellow arch-procrastinator. I don't believe you haven't thought of this one for yourself!