Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simple Word-Meter

There has been some muttering recently about word meters going on the blink, so I've made a very simple one that will stay put. It is not clever (or stylish) like Zokutou, and you have to input your own percentages, but it isn't complicated, and it works. And you can choose from six lovely colours!

You can find it here. Any problems or questions, let me know via a comment on this post.


JJ said...

Gawd, Leigh, is there NO end to your talents? You are clever. As soon as I get going on my novel again, I shall use it!

Thank you.


Rebecca said...

cool - I'm going to change mine to a Leigh original soon. (you clever girl!!!)It's hard to choose the colour but.

I particularly like that 75,000 completed words bit....

Maddie Moon said...

Oh, but it is clever, Leigh! Thanks so much for coming to my rescue. I've put a link on my blog in my own clumsy way. I haven't worked out how to do that properly either!

Lane said...

Cor you're a clever sausage!

Am going to go for a seasonal red I think:-)

Great stuff:-)

HelenMH said...

You are so lovely and so clever! Why don't I have any useful talents?

Leigh said...

JJ - Oh, yes. I'm no good at all at more practical (i.e. useful) activities, like cooking, cleaning, ironing, and that sort of thing. No good at all. It's a shame.

Rebecca - ha ha! I like it. Perhaps I should make a Rebecca Special with only 100-words to go!

Maddie - I'm glad you like it! It was you who inspired it!

Lane - Why, thank you [blushing, again].

Helen - I saw your post about word counters (oh, too) late last night. If only I'd been an few hours earlier, I'd have had an instant answer for you. Magic! Just like that! (Your talents? I still get goosebumps when I think of your "as light as a bubble in a fine clear glass.")

SallyQ said...

Leigh you are a genius! That's a fantastic word counter, and I'm going to alter mine now and use yours instead.

Well done!

Leigh said...

Thanks, Sally!
It was rather fun to make, although I got into trouble for staying up late, and not cooking supper, and things like that.
Glad you like it!

HelenMH said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have switched to your word meter; having thrown all my toys out of the pram in frustration at the one I was previously using.

Yours is lovely and easy to use. So helpful for my poor little brain. And I love the choice of colours. Thanks dear.

(oH, and my word count has gone up a lot - yippee!)

Leigh said...


I was afraid that having to get into the gobbledegook would put people off, so it's really good that you find it easy to use!

Anonymous said...

I found your link and word meter and really like it. Thanks for posting this.

Dream Writer said...

Hi Leigh

I am new to writing fiction and new to blogging!

Just found your word meter and added it to my blog ... It's brilliant! :-))

Leigh said...

Hi Dream Writer,
Really glad you like it.
Good luck with the writing!

DJ Kirkby said...

I have tried a few times over the past year to figure out how to work this (I think I found the link on Quiller's blog). I am embarassed to say I can't make it look right.

Creative Crunches said...

New Year, new blog, thank you muchly for your addition to it! i'm sorry i'm terribly nosy so would love to know how/why/when you learned this wondrous gadgetry (couldn't find it on the blog)

Leigh said...

Why, Creative Crutches, thank you for your kindly comments. I developed the necessary nerdiness a long, long time ago, and have earned my living by it since.
Thank you for coming by.

Jason Weaver said...

This is a work of GENIUS!

Amanda said...

Hi Leigh

I've been away from blogging for a bit - just returned - and wanted you to know one of my first jobs was to reinstate your brilliant word counter!

Amanda :-)

claire p said...

Hi Leigh,

I have one of your fab word metres. I have now reached my word tagret but the metre dosen't want to move to show this. It's sticking at 3/4 full. What have I done wrong?

Claire x.

Leigh said...

Hi Claire,
In the coding, you have to change: width="75" (which represents the coloured bar) to width="100" and a bit further on: width="25" (which represents the remaining white bit) to width="0".

Take another look at the original page, where the relevant numbers are marked in red.

Any more problems, just leave another comment!

Well done, btw, for reaching 100%!!!

Flixton Mum said...

Hi Leigh - I've just nabbed your word meter for my new(ish) blog. I only started the blog because I wanted a word meter (how sad am I?) I've not blogged about this yet, because I'm busy playing on youtube (very sad)...anyway, thanks I'm hoping it will shame me into writing my novel, or maybe just a short story, which is what I'm meant to be doing now ho-hum.

Ps: Thanks

Stephanie Denise said...

Thanks so much for sharing your word meter. I used it for the first time tonight! :)

Fia said...

Leigh - you do all those wonderful word counters. You clever thing.

Would a tartan one be impossible?

Leigh said...

Thank you, Fia!
Not impossible, but tricky... which one would you like?

Queenie said...

I did it! All by myself! It took me several goes, and at one point I thought I was going to have to leave you a despairing comment asking for help, but I got there in the end. I think it is very clever and stylish, so there. Thank you o great technoqueen!

Henrietta Bird said...

I've just copied your word counter and officially feel like a Computer Whizz!

Thank you very I just have to write about 60,000 words.

Oh dear.

Fiona Robyn said...

Hello Leigh - a big thank you for your perfect little gadget, which is now measuring progress of my at my blog at Thank you so much and I'll give you a mention next week! Warmest, Fiona

claires inner world said...

Hi Leigh,
Thanks for the word counter! It's keeping me on the straight and narrow! Claire x

Laurie LC Lewis said...

Thanks so much for the word meter! A bunch of us have been looking for one for a long time. This is great and so generous of you to share! Good luck with your projects!

Leigh said...

Glad you all like it!
Thanks for coming by to leave such nice comments!