Sunday, March 02, 2008


I've had a really bad week. This is partly due to still being behind with kids/house/jobs since before we went to Shropshire (we're talking the best part of three-weeks' washing here), and partly because life after a Della Galton course is a real anticlimax!

I came home from Bournemouth really keen to get back to shorties. I have four stories needing nothing more than envelopes, and thirty more in various stages of composition! It is just a matter of finding the time. Oh, the time! The shorties beckon. The novel beckons. The washing beckons...

Clean underwear? Try the basket on the landing. No? Try the one in the utility room? No? Erm, try the tumble dryer. No? Well, how long have you been wearing the ones you've got on?
I needed to do some washing.

I spent yesterday, up to my arms in soap suds, wash board and starch, in a modern sort of way you understand. Ten loads, I did, TEN LOADS. Washed. Dried. Folded. Now all I have to do is put it away...

And that's just the washing. You should see my desk, the sitting-room floor, the kitchen...


JJ said...

You've got my sympathy here. I came back from Skyros desperate to get on with it - and that was two months ago.
Good luck.

HelenMH said...

Oh God! Poor you! Don't let the Della enthusiasm bubble burst though! I know it's hard when you're back in the real world - but I will be watching ...

CTaylor said...

TEN loads of washing. Gawd! If that's what having a family does to you I might have to put off having one for a teeny bit longer. At least when I run out of underwear it doesn't really matter ;o)

KAREN said...

It's funny, my next post is about climbing the laundry mountain, complete with photos. It's hideous isn't it? I regularly do four or five loads a day, some days - and that's without taking holidays!

The one thing I don't do any more, is ironing for everyone - they do it themselves or it doesn't get done - seems to work, mostly :o)

Lane said...

The thing about washing is that if you don't do it for oneday, the amount needing to be done quadruples. How does that happen?

Factor in a teenager who throws something on the wash if it's as much as touched her skin and it's never ending. I sympathise but you've 'broken the back of it' and soon writing time will be yours again.

Hope next week is better:-)

SpiralSkies said...

Sympathise entirely. I'll need Sherpas if I'm to make headway on the laundry mountain. Smelly's the new black, right?

Leigh said...

Oh, JJ. You poor thing. I hope you can find some time soon!

Helen - I won't. I'm still inspired. It's very frustrating. And there's you rewritten your story already [sigh].

Cally - Well, it's not the washing that was the problem. It was the not having done it for three weeks that was the problem! But the small girl helped me sort it all, which was lovely, and means I can't really blame the kids!

Karen - four or five loads a day? Yikes! That's what I do a week! Do you make them eat their meals with chopsticks? Whilst lying on their backs? Blindfolded?
Ironing? Wassat?

Thanks, Lane! much as touched her skin, eh? I bow down before your greater task, and pray that I'm in a home for the terminally exhausted before my girls hit that phase.

Jen - Ha ha ha. I had no idea I was so fashionable!

womagwriter said...

God I hate washing.

Tell your family you're saving the environment by not doing it. In Elizbethan England clothes were never washed. They just used perfume to disguise the smell.

By the way, if you & Helen are planning on going to another Della course, let me know and hopefully I'd be able to meet up with you at the end (I hear you went to the pub afterwards?)