Friday, October 05, 2007

Do we all make the same typos?

I'm not just talking about misspelling here, but the genuine slips of the fingers that generate the same mistakes over and over again.

Do you stop and correct typos as you go along, or can you bear to leave them there until you edit?

Here are my most frequent errors:
SHe siad it was juts the smae int he hosue as befroe, nad she didn;t liek it.

What are yours?


womagwriter said...

I correct as I go along.

I'm a computer programmer in my day job, and the tiniest typo can mean catastrophic failure. It's taught me to be accurate, and to spot typos as soon as I've typed them.

CTaylor said...

I trained as touch typist when I was 18 so rarely make typos but one thing I do A LOT is stick a 'Y' on the end of any word ending in 'all' (because I'm so used to typing my name).

The most amusing typo like that was when I sent an email to a tourist information office and only realised later that I'd written "I'm really looking forward to visiting Cornwally"!

Leigh said...

Womagwriter - this is what I do, but because I'm an obsessive perfectionist, rather than it actually mattering!

Cally - This is funny! The possibilities are endless!