Friday, October 26, 2007

It Ain't Getting Any Better...

The small girl hurt her leg on a tube slide yesterday, but they didn't work out that it was broken until this afternoon, nearly twenty-four hours later (we had another bad night). That being said, there was no swelling, no bruising, no deformation - nothing to indicate a break. They were convinced that it was just soft tissue damage until they x-rayed, and said, 'Oh, that's quite a nasty fracture...'

This afternoon took us on a trip to Raigmore (hospital in Inverness) for the application of a groin-to-toe plaster cast. She's not yet three, poor little thing.

Baby's still teething.

Haven't had much chance to write.


womagwriter said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your small one's leg. Hope she gets better soon.

Lane said...

Oh poor small girl - and on her holiday:-(

And poor you, with all that to cope with. To hell with the writing. Just hope you get some time for rest and relaxation (())) x

HelenMH said...

Oh god.. No wonder you're not finding much time to write, or sleep, or anything else by the sound of it. Hope she is OK!

Leigh said...

Thanks, Womagwriter. She getting a little better each day, but they say six-eight, that'll be Christmas, then.

Lane, but writing is my rest and relaxation! I get very stressed when I watch the telly - too busy complaining about trashy programmes.

Helen. She is grumpy, frustrated, and still in some pain, but she is okay! She's being remarkably tolerant about the whole thing.

Thanks all for your kind thoughts.

Rebecca said...

ouch - that DOES look nasty. Jack's fracture just showed up as a tiny bump on the side of his bone - nowhere near as drastic as that. Poor girl. :( ouch ouch ouch