Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spot the Ptarmigan

Herewith a picture of a cottage in the Highlands. Not the one we're staying in, but one that probably doesn't have WiFi.

Actually, I have stayed in this cottage. It is called Bailead Beag (chose your own spelling), and I spent a week there during my first ever holiday.

The little building on the right was the pump house for getting water from the burn. It was the summer of 1976...

My parents, bless them, were rather thrown by this. But, hey, no water just added to the rustication (the cottage had no electricity either), and the good folk of Newtonmore brought us water in milk churns every day for a week.

The mountain behind is Creag Dubh (2,500'), and I climbed it with my Dad. I was really quite small, and I remain proud of that achivement to this day.

This time we are staying in Boat of Garten, a little way down the strath. I am sitting in front of a log fire, drinking Trade Winds, a fine ale from the Cairngorm Brewery. With each sip I am transported back to the bar of the Cairngorm Gliding Club, at Feshiebridge (where we usually stay), and where I have ill-spent many, many happy hours of my life.

I have children now, and I do more sensible things like walking in the mountains and photographing the wildlife... How many ptarmigan can you see?


liz fenwick said...

Two, I looks idyllic :-)

Lane said...

I can only see one, unless the bit of rock next to him is one. Ooh it's like 'Where's Wally':-)

And Oi weren't we supposed to dish out cyber smacks if we caught you indulging in the blog and not writing in hermital isolation?


HelenMH said...

Like Lane, I thought we were meant to slap you if we caught you blogging! So consider yourself slapped!

Leigh said...

Liz - yes there are two! And yes, it is idyllic here...for me. Husband doesn't like the cold!

Lane - Yes, the rock, right and down a bit, is another one. Spot the black eye-stripe and beak. Good camouflage, eh?

Helen - Ouch! Okay, okay. I'll do some writing!

womagwriter said...

It all sounds idyllic, Leigh!