Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wanna know how to procrastinate...?

-------------------------------------------...ask a four-year-old at bedtime.

Having had a really Bad Day out there in the real world of trying to run a web-hosting business (the other thing I do when the kids are napping), I have now sat down at my desk to write (humph).

The children went to bed at seven, as usual, but the small boy is still padding about, going to the loo, washing his hands ("Mummy, the soap thingy's run out"), looking for a towel (although there's one on the radiator), fetching a cup of water (from the tap in the kitchen because the one upstairs is too tight for him to turn on) putting out Penguin to take for Show & Tell tomorrow...

The conversation will go like this:
--"Mummy, I just need—"
--"Going, Mummy."

I can't be angry with him, though. I know where he gets it from...ahem.

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