Friday, October 12, 2007

The Bad Day Continues

Having had a really Bad Morning, following on from yesterday's really Bad Day, I discovered the cat had been sick under my desk (right where I put my feet).

He was getting his own back for my refusing to let him sleep on my keyboard yesterday evening (while I was working). As well as wanting to get on with some surfing work, I felt that the computer has had its share of small creatures recently (see here), so the cat got turfed off. He's not a bright animal, and he got many flying lessons before he got the message.

Did I discover this afternoon's offering before putting my feet in place? You can choose, according to your sensitivities.


Lane said...

I think my sensitivites are pretty much shot now. Don't think there's a bodily emission I haven't stepped in or sat on thanks to our four legged friends and offsprings.
Have to say though that sick between the toes is particularly euurrgh:-)

Hope tomorrow is better:-)

Leigh said...

Lane, fortunately, I was wearing slippers!

HelenMH said...

Bad days and cats so often go together don't they ... I've lost count of the days when my first job has been to clean up cat sick! Doesn't do a lot for the creative spirit!

Leigh said...

Helen - no, it doesn't!

Unless, of course, you're writing a dissertation on Feline Vomit: Viscosity, Texture & Taste (an in-depth study of cat sick and its application as long-term economic alternative to dried food-rations for the general population in the event of a sustained natural disaster).

I guess someone might be!

JJ said...

Oh Leigh, I think you should submit that dissertation somewhere... it's brilliant.