Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beer is Food

Am sitting here, having given up pretending that I'm going to blitz the study, wondering when (and in what state) Himself will roll in. "I'll be back early," he said, "so we can eat together."

So here am I having done nothing again today (except my Message...note the time: 10:57 - that's 10.57am, and blogging...and looking after the kids).

It's now half past nine. I last ate at about half past twelve, and that was only a cup of watercress soup at a friend's house. Actually, just before that I had been scoffing all her Jaffa Cakes and Chocolate Fingers, but that doesn't sound quite so trendy. Oh, and then there was the Mars bar, and the Twix that I had on the way back from Toys R Us at quarter to six.

But, apart from that, I've eaten nothing all day, and I'm starving. So, because I don't reckon the quality of today's food-intake can get any worse, I've opened a bottle of beer. It's Badger's Golden Glory, a rather fine ale from Hall & Woodehouse who, incidentally, make me spit (the company, not the beer).

They took over my local(ish) brewers, King & Barnes, some years ago, knocked down the brewery and built flats (sorry, apartments) on it. They also dumped the K&B prize-winning "Festive" in favour of their own, comparatively tasteless, "Tanglefoot". However, much to my own annoyance, I do rather like their Golden Glory, with its hint of peach.

Well, that's the first glass gone. Perhaps another?


HelenMH said...

Go for it! I'm working through a bottle of rose - on the understanding that it may help me sleep despite horrible cold!

JJ said...

Oooh, yes, have another one for me!

Lane said...

Sounds like a very fine ale (apart from their dodgy building and advertising practises).

Now get some greens down you today Mrs. Order!

Jan said...

You sound very human!
I once ate 5 walnut whips in quick succession along with a tube of Rowntrees fruit gums.
Interesting blog which I fell into by accident. Thankyou!

Leigh said...

Helen - So, did it work?

JJ - are you sure you wouldn't like a third, or a fourth, as well? I'm happy to oblige.

I have some mint chocolate, Lane. That's got green bits in it. Does that count?

Leigh said...

Hi, Jan!
Fruit gums are so moorish. I know I'm incapable of eating less than a whole packet at once. Are you a chewer, or a sucker?

Jan said...

Depends which colour.