Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poorly-Baby Wallah Blog

I have been absolutely nowhere this weekend. I only set foot outside in order to drag the small girl off the trampoline (she's still in plaster, you know).

Instead, I've been wallah for an adorable, but poorly, baby. She has given me the odd five minutes here and there, but otherwise I've had to carry her around since yesterday morning. She does, bless her, sleep very well and this has been my only respite.

Having finally started to recover from the various crises, which have seemingly plagued us for the last six weeks, we had invited lots of people round this weekend. So, yesterday, while Himself was out doing something more important, I prepared everything for a dinner party (including sweeping four million toys into already-overfilled cupboards)...while jiggling a grumpy baby. Today, while Himself was out doing something more important, I made prepared lunch for some seldom-seen, and much-loved (and very tolerant), friends...while jiggling a grumpy baby.

My arms are tired.

I have, however, somehow managed to post my Messages. I am pleased with them, and am not really grumbling at all (unlike the baby).


HelenMH said...

Oh well done. Another great message!

Rebecca said...

Um..... this is probably really ignorant....but what is Wallah???

And how do I get to read your 'messages' ??

and...thank GOODNESS for those understanding friends, eh?!!

JJ said...

Woo, I remember those days. I had a sling thing that went across my front that I put daughter in when she wouldn't let me put her down! It's hard and makes me realise how I much I need my own head space!

Hope baby's better very soon.



Ah, the days of children in plaster... Only one (out of three) surprisingly - he broke his leg playing football a few years ago. Oddly, he enjoyed the experience, and even now will say 'can I go into hospital Mum' ???? if he has so much as a cold. I'm assuming it's a reflection of the attention he received overall, and not a comment on my parenting skills!!

Leigh said...

Helen - Thank you. Thank you. It's based (loosely) on a real event. My father looked angry, but wasn't when I got back. He doesn't rememebr it. But he's a very much nicer man than the father in the story! I liked your Message too. They felt like real women.

Rebecca - I've had to go and look it up now (Chambers): "Wallah n someone employed in, or concerned with, a specific type of work". Your Messages can be found following the link in the right-hand column. Each day there is a posting, and contributors' replies are posted as comments on the main blog. Yes, our friends were great! The wife even took the baby for a while to give my arms a rest!

JJ - She makes up for it when she's not poorly. She's usually a very happy baby who willl occupy herself while I get on with the chores! She seems a little better today, and hopefully is on the mend.

Karen - This suggests that man-flu, and other such attention-seeking devices, are not a learned responses, but ones which are present from birth!

Lane said...

You deserve a medal for not cancelling the dinner!

Hope baby is better and you have some time to do something more important like rest your arms:-)

Leigh said...

Under the circumstances, it would not have been, shall we say, politic to cancel the dinner. In the event, it was loads of fun and well worth the effort.

Baby has coped much better this morning, is currently napping, and I am resting my arms - hands on the keyboard!