Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Messages

Posted my first Message yesterday evening (near the bottom, 21:31, if you're interested), and am quite pleased with it. The 300 words fell out in about ten minutes. It took a further hour to put them in the right order.


womagwriter said...

That's really good, Leigh!

I've done a couple of Messages - also writing them in 10 minutes. Unfortunately I haven't then had an hour to spare to tinker with them, and it shows.

Ah well, they're fun to do, aren't they?

HelenMH said...

I like it! Could this be the basis for another short story idea!

Lane said...

Helen's right. That would be make a great short story.

Loved it too:-)

Leigh said...

Womagwriter - yes, they are fun! An easy alternative for those of us with no time to do NaNo.

Helen - Yes, possibly, though I don't think The People's Friend will want it!

Lane - Well, maybe I'll take another look! Glad you liked it.