Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Room of my Own: Progress Report

I have been doing so well.

I have blitzed the kitchen, the utility room, and the study. Well, my side of it anyway; I don't go over to the other side, because don't have access to any rough-terrain gear and Kendal Mint Cake just now.


See that lovely leather-topped desk. See the shine on that beautiful formica gate-leg table; isn't it wonderful?

You might just be able to see in the second picture that I have stuck that photo of my loft on the wall, where it will provide inspiration should I start to show signs of slacking.

While clearing my desk I have thrown away:
1. Eight years' worth of interest-rate-change notifications from the bank.
2. Forty-six opened (and, thus, empty) envelopes.
3. Reams and reams of paper with absolutely-nothing-of-any-interest written on them.

I have so far resisted throwing away:
1. Our most recent bank statements (which I would dearly love never to see again)
2. Old Christmas cards (particularly those from people who are now dead).
3. Any of my children's drawings/scribbles/paintings, even though I have no idea when, or by whom, most of them were made (or even if they're by my children at all).

I have also caught up with eighteen months of personal correspondence (aka hand-written letters on Basildon Bond). I am particularly pleased about this, because I am very fond of all my ancient aunts and not-so-ancient cousins, and I like to hear what they're up to, as well as bore them with all my news (children/children/children + photos of children).

I realise I have now become my grandmother, and look forward to inflicting on the family, Sunday-afternoon readings of letters from people that the kids have never heard of. Marvellous.


HelenMH said...

Ooh, lovely and tidy. At the moment my writing room is so untidy that I've had to shut the door and go and work somewhere else. I'm telling myself it's because it's too cold in there but I know it's really because I'm scared of what might be lurking under all the paper!

Lane said...

Ooh it looks like the before and after of one of those makeover shows.

Have to ask what is wrapped around around the angelpoise lamp? It looks like a giraffe:-)

Letters? I can't remember the last time I received a real live letter. Such a shame.

Well done. Kim and Aggie would be proud:-)

Rebecca said...

Well done!!! I know how much those jobs suck (or how much we anticipate they are gong to suck and therefore avoid FOREVER) and how good it feels to get it done.

we are actually getting a new desk very soon (tomorrow or the next day I think) and I am now feeling very inspired to clean up, organise, and throw away, and file.

Shall post before and after shots too if I remember!

Helen said...

Could you come and sort mine now please? I always do it once a fortnight, then a day later it is back to being a mess. *sigh*. I blame the hsuband.

Leigh said...

Helen - That was exactly what happened to me. I was taking the laptop elsewhere, and only bringing it back to recharge the battery. It's worth tidying up, though. I found a tenner!

Lane - It's a snake (furry, with black and orange stripes. I'm hoping it will feature soon on Planet Zarg)

Letters are great. I used to write and receive a lot of them. Mostly, they were from other people, but occasionally I'd get one from myself by mistake.

The camera never lies, except where dust is concerned. Kim and Aggie aren't coming near the place!

Rebecca, you're sooo right about that. I hope your new desk brings you much joy, and I'm looking forward to the before & afters. You'll have to do them now, of course.

Helen - Nooo! Once a year is enough. That being said, I could book you in for Nov. 21st 2008. Are you free?

It's always good to have someone to blame. The scapegoat in this house is the cat, but a husband is just as good (although they tend to argue).

womagwriter said...

Looks great, Leigh, well done!

Leigh said...



My writing space is unnaturally tidy at the moment, because tidying is a very effective form of procrastination. It won't last, but I tell myself that's a Good Thing.

Lucy Diamond said...

Wow - that is really impressive. Well done. I have ALMOST got the 'room of my own' sorted - might even be in there tomorrow. I am soooo excited!

Leigh said...

Karen - Hello, and welcome to my blog! You are very good to be tidying for procrastination purposes. I procrastinate using less worthy methods, like blogging, instead!

Lucy - You lucky thing!
I can't wait to see the photos!