Sunday, November 11, 2007

The No Waffle Challenge

I've been somewhat heartened to receive several complementary emails about my contributions to Your Messages, particularly yesterday's. This is rather nice. Thank you.

I've been enjoying the challenge, having never before attempted flash fiction. Up until a year ago, I had only ever tried novels, and thought my first ever short story was really short at 16,000 words.

I rather like the 300-word limit. I can't waffle, you see. I like not being able to waffle; it's good for my self-control. I do tend to go on a bit if left to my own devices. I get that from my grandfather, that's my mother's father, not my father's father, you understand. My father's father died in 1937, which was a long time before I was born, so I never knew him. No, it was my mother's father who I take after in this particular respect. Why, I remember how we used to laugh when Grandpa started-



Rebecca said...

hey - don't stop there - waffle on, waffle on...! :)

HelenMH said...

I'm enjoying your messages - keep going!

Lane said...

That was quite a sinister message!
Well done for doing so many of these.

As for waffling - extremely nice toasted and with honey, Manuka is my favourite but it costs an arm and a leg so sometimes I opt for jam, raspberry without seeds I can't be doing with seeds getting stuck in my crowns and ..... oh I think I might have the wrong definition here .....

Leigh said...

Thank you, Rebecca, I will accept that as a carte blanche to refer to when ever I need it.

Thank you, Helen. I'm regretting not starting at the start. I am hoping to do the lot, bar those first few.

Ha ha ha! Oh, Lane. You do make me laugh!