Saturday, November 24, 2007

First Letter Meme

I've pinched this meme from Lane, who in turn snitched it from Jen. I quite liked the animal theme, and so I am going to re-introduce you to Rudy (of under-the-desk-vomit fame).

Rudy is a rag-doll, the largest breed of domestic cat, and so called because of his habit to go floppy when picked up. This just about says it all (psst... don't mention the pink nose; he's a boy):

R - Raucous. When I want something (food, to go outside, food, a cuddle, food, to go outside, food - you get the picture?)
U - Undeterred. Even when the rabbit is larger than I am.
D - Dim. People will tell you that cats are intelligent. I'm not.
Y - Yes. Is the answer to any offers of food, even if it's not actually offered, and even if it's still on someone else's plate. I don't mind. I'm not fussy.

I now tag...Smudge.


Lane said...

Aww Rudy is a beauty.
Dim?? noooo. Delectable, Delightful, Delovely.
And I'm loving the bling:-)

HelenMH said...

Smudge is very excited about doing the meme. I may have to help him a little ... x

Leigh said...

Lane - He is a beauty, but dim all the same. He wears the bling because he had a habit of getting into the most almightly scrapes. Like turning up eight miles from home, or getting caught in snares. He's down to about five lives.

Helen - I'm sure you're allowed to help. Looking forward to what he has to say!