Friday, November 09, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Just got my Message posted for today.

I spent the evening babysitting for Jane. Mercifully, she doesn't have WiFi, so I have to do writing. I went round at seven-thirty and, during the ad breaks for Dog the Bounty Hunter, Cops: Most Shocking, and Dallas SWAT, I wrote my message. I'd managed 249 words by the time they came home at eleven.

Finished it now. Posted at 23:28 if you're interested.
Oh, God. Is that the time?


HelenMH said...

Well done you! Working on it that late really shows dedication!

Lane said...

Now that one really is a short story in the making. She's got to find a way out - and make him pay:-)

btw I hear Dog has had a lot of apologising to do this week...

Leigh said...

Thanks, Helen. You just keep that encouragement rolling in. That's just what I need.

Lane - The possibilities are...tempting. But that's the problem with this Messages business. I've got too many new ideas already.

And what's Dog been up to?