Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have a Dream

I have long held this dream, and it is for:

in which to write.

Now, all the rooms in our house are occupied by small children and/or their stuff. The garage is full of man stuff, and the shed (which is supposed to be mine) is full of man stuff that doesn't fit in the garage.

So, the only other place is the loft. Here is a picture of our loft.

You will see that the loft is also occupied by stuff (please note my fine collection of empty cardboard boxes) but, seeing as there is nowhere else to put any of this stuff, because everywhere else is already full of stuff, I have decided to


As an obsessive-compulsive hoarder, I have never thrown stuff out, and I get a bit shaky just thinking about it; but, for the chance of having my very own place, for all my stuff (and in which I can hide away with my laptop, of course), I have decided to become a new me. A me who no longer keeps the cloying but-it-might-be-useful-one-day stuff.

To that end, I have in the last few days thrown away my collection of tumble-dryer fluff, 186 empty plastic bags (I had to count them first, mind), and the outer packaging from five-years' worth of nappies (don't ask, I don't know the answer). This is a good start. When I've had a cup of tea and some chocolate, I might feel brave enough to chuck some more.

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JJ said...

You go girl. As a fellow (but recovered) obsessive compulsive hoarder I realise how difficult this is. Of course, you're never really totally recovered - I have to take one day at a time BUT the fact that it's your decision and it's so you've got somewhere to write, I bet it'll be easier.
Hope so.
Fingers crossed.

HelenMH said...

Oh well done. I'm a hoarder too. I can confirm that it's nice to have a place to write. The conservatory - which used to be the dining room - is now my writing room, and I love it. But I don't have children, just a cat and a Welshman, so it's easier!

Lane said...

But tumble dryer fluff could be so useful. Maybe you could insulate the loft with it?
I am ruthless at throwing stuff away - as long as it's not mine:-)

Rebecca said...

yes! get rid of it!

But I'm with Lane...I don't know how you could bear parting with your tumbledryer fluff. think carefully. you may regret it. you just NEVER know when you might be needing it (probably the day after you throw it out!)

Fiona said...

I think there's a scheme whereby you send them your tumble drier stuff and they turn it into more tumble driers...or jumpers.

Throwing out is GOOD. You will feel de-toxed and liberated. Think how cosy you'll be in that loft. I'm v. jealous.

Leigh said...

You know, JJ, you're right. I'm working on it bit by bit, on the basis that it all goes towards my me-space, and I'm having a great time!

Helen - Mmm. I agree. I wouldn't quite put cats and menfolk on the same scale as children, but they have their own ways of distracting: they want food; they want food; and they want food (oh, did I say that already?)

Lane - I was going to make a cushion out of it, but I realised what a lumpy thing it would be. Loft insulation is a wonderful idea...only the fluff's all a bit soggy with leftover Weetabix now...

Oh, Rebecca, now you're making me feel guilty. The fluff was quite hard to throw out - I had several years' worth. And, yes, since Lane came up with the insulation idea, I have needed it.

Hello, Fiona! Oooh, perhaps I could be the person you send it all to...
Er, on reflection, perhaps not. I don't think I could get quite so attached to other people's fluff; all the little mixed-up bits would be different.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Throwing stuff out is great, liberating, cathartic - and difficult. I cleared out my books this year (yes! my books!) for the first time in my life, sending around 200 away to raise money for charity. It was really hard to do, but I haven't missed a single one of them, and I love having spaces on my bookcases again for all my new acquisitions.

Leigh said...

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to tackle the bookshelves (grossly overstacked - books laid flat on top of other books, you know the sort of thing), but I'm feeling ruthless just now, so who knows.

You set a good example!

womagwriter said...

Leigh - TELL me you were joking about the tumble-dryer fluff?!

Leigh said...

Er, well, er... no, actually.
(As much as I would like to have been!)