Saturday, December 29, 2007

Achievements & Targets

Words written73,359>100,000
Shorties plotted4640
Shorties written1926
Flashes written3110
Poems written35
Novels completed11-2
Novels plotted40
Novels started21
Total Submissions53100


HelenMH said...

Here's to many more hits in 2008!

SpiralSkies said...

You plotted FOUR novels this year? Good Lord, you are Wonderwoman!

As for submissions/rejections? I'll be climbing aboard that bus in 2008. Nothing worse than seeing your own handwriting thudding onto the doormat, is there?

Wishing that many hits (of the non-car variety). Go Leigh!

Maddie Moon said...

Blimey, Leigh, that's very impressive. All those words. I hope 2008 is equally productive and you enjoy lots of successes in your writing.


Flippin' heck. Your stats put me to shame! I need to seriously Get On With it in 2008!!

SallyQ said...

Very impressive stats, Leigh! Four novels plotted is pretty impressive!

Happy New Year!

Leigh said...

Thank you, Helen. It wouldn't take much!

No, Jen. Not wonderwoman, just overactiveimaginationwoman! And, your own handwriting? Don't you find it's the way it thuds, in particular, that makes it so depressing!

Oh, Maddie, all those words, indeed...and only 300 of them sold. Well, not even sold, just given away, actually; and the rest of them, couldn't even do that with them!

No, no, Karen. Don't feel bad looking at my stats. Go and see Cally's blog and you can feel really, really, bad instead!

Na, Sally, plotted's the problem. If they were written, now that would be impressive.