Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Macworld Award for Scrivener

I've just caught up with the fact that Scrivener (the marvellous writing software for Mac OSX) is one of eighteen applications selected for Macworld's Annual Editors' Choice. It sits beside Adobe Premiere Pro, iWorks '08, Reunion 9, and (get this) MacOS 10.5!

This is a just reward for Keith Blount, a budding novelist, who created (and still develops) Scrivener
in his spare time. Now on version 1.1, Scrivener
rightly deserves this award. (My review is here.)


SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, I really must get to grips with Scrivener - I bought a Mac a month or so ago but have only scratched its shiny white surface so far.

It'll be fab to have you in the Novel Racers. Woo!


HelenMH said...

Leigh - love you loads, but this is a bit too technical for me I'm afraid! I haven't used a Mac in years - probably couldn't switch one on these days!

Lane said...

Don't know nuffink about Mac but they sure do look pretty;-)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Racers and watching your word counters soar:-)

Happy New Year Leigh. It's the Year of the (procrastinating) Writer donchya know:-)

Leigh said...

Jen - I sincerely encourage you to download at least the trial version of Scrivener. I love it (can you tell?), and it has revolutionised my writing, and all for twenty quid!

Helen - You'd have no trouble with a Mac. They're easier to switch on than PCs. At least, they're easier to shut down. The Mac has a button called "shut down" for shutting down; whereas, I understand that to shut down a PC, you have to click on "start"...

Lane - Is that the 'Year-in-which-the Procrastinating-Writer-is-Finally-Going-to-do-Some-Writing', or the 'Year-in-which-the Procrastinating-Writer-is-Going-to-do-Yet-More-Procrastinating'?