Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star of the Show

Himself has just returned from a week's morris dancing (read: beer drinking) in the States. I had the chance to go with him, but couldn't face it.

I hate flying. I hate the thought of flying for seven hours with three small children. I hate the thought of flying for seven hours with three small children and a husband who hates flying for seven hours with three small children (and a terrified wife).

I didn't go.

We had a pleasant, self-indulgent week, with no grumping; but it's nice to have him back, hangover and all (jetlag, my eye).

The baby amused everyone at Heathrow this morning by crawling a good way into the open space from under the barrier. She stopped, sucked her thumb, inspected her audience (all those waiting for arrivals), deemed that all was well, shrieked "Yah," and crawled back again. It made me laugh to see everyone grinning/waving at her, even the hard men!

Made my day.


Lane said...

Hmm I can see why you didn't want to fly!

I bet the baby was thrilled with her audience. Aww:-)

HelenMH said...

Morris dancing! What fun!

CTaylor said...

Oh that's so cute!

SpiralSkies said...

Morris dancing? Really? Wow, there's something quite kookily cool about that.

Baby sounds like a star in the making!


I really, really hate flying too, so I'm with you there. The thought of having to contain my fear in front of the children has put me off going anywhere on an aeroplane with them, in case it terrified them too. Their only flying experiences have been on school trips - but luckily they loved it!

womagwriter said...

I flatly refused to do long haul until both children were well over 3. So I don't blame you for not wanting to go.

Your baby sounds so cute!

Leigh said...

Lane - She loved it! (I'm not sure if that bodes well or not!)

Helen - Morris dancing is enormous fun, and much underrated in my opinion.

Thank you, Cally!

Jen - Rather than being just a bunch of men (with beards and dubious sexual preferences) waving hankies about, morris dancing is remarkably difficult (especially after a few beers), and requires high levels of fitness to do it well! It's loads of fun too.

Karen - It saddens me that none of my kids has flown yet, because of my fear; but I feel the same as you - I don't want to pass it on; so, I guess they'll just have to wait!

Womagwriter - I think you're brave to have taken them aged three. Me? I'm thinking more like five!