Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Whole Day to do Writing

Jane has been bullying me, for some time, to go on a Della Galton course.
'I can't,' I said. 'It's all day. What'll I do with the kids?'
'I'll have them,' she said.
'But it's in Dorset,' I said. 'That's miles away.'
'This side of Dorset,' she said. "Hour-and-a-half max.'
'It'll be really expensive,' I said.
She made me look it up. 'Thirty-five quid,' she said.
And I said, 'Oh.'

So, on Monday, I wrote to ask if there were any spaces. I received no reply, but not wanting to hassle the great lady, I waited patiently. That was until (the lovely) Helen (to whom I am now twice indebted) forwarded me a warning from dear Della of the last few places available. I scrabbled another message off asap, and learned from the (almost instant) reply that my original email had never arrived. Eeeeek!
But it's okay, cos I'm now...Pencilled In! Yippee!

It turned out to be a really awkward day for Jane to have the kids, so, I called in some non-existent favours from some wonderful friends, and now have the following three-way schedule to staple to himself's forehead: [actually, I'll spare you the schedule; it's complicated...]

(Still loving the novel)


CTaylor said...

Oooh. I'm soooooooo jealous!

I'd LOVE to go on one of her courses (but it would take AGES to get to Dorset from Brighton on the train :o()

Do let us know how it goes and how useful it is.

HelenMH said...

Yey - can't wait! And, yes, we must behave and not sit at the back and giggle!

Lane said...

Now girls I want you both to sit up straight, pay attention and behave!!

And I also want to hear every single detail of the day from both of you.
Sooo exciting:-)

Leigh said...

Cally - Ah, no, that south coast line ain't so great. I'll keep you posted, though!

Helen - I'd best leave the hip flask at home then!

Lane - Yes, Miss!

liz fenwick said...

Sounds wonderful. May you come back refreshing and raring to go!

I've tagged you - sorry!

JJ said...

Oh bugger, Liz has already tagged you. Well me too, now, so I think you've got to do it.


Ooh, that sounds fun! I met Della Galton a couple of years ago, at The Winchester Writer's Conference, and she was lovely. She had to critique a short story I'd written, and she was very helpful so I'm sure it'll be a really productive day :)

Leigh said...

Thank you, Liz and JJ, for your tags!

Karen - I'm really looking forward to it, but it's good to know what a nice person she is, as she'll be tearing apart one of my shorties!

Maddie Moon said...

Leigh, I did the same course a couple of years back. It's great, very informative and Della is an inspiration. Did you know she's sold over 1000 stories!??

Leigh said...

Thanks for this, Maddie, this is good to know. No! I didn't know she'd sold so many stories! Wow!