Monday, January 07, 2008

A Relaxing Lie-in

I was still in bed at 8.30 this morning, when Jane came to collect the small boy for school.
"But it's inset day," I wailed from an upstairs window.
"No, Leigh. We've had this conversation before... [we have?] ...and it isn't inset day."


With only a small amount of oiwwing, the small boy was prepared to leave the great CBeebies-website portal (my computer) and get dressed. Meanwhile I made his lunch, found his PE kit (anyone who has seen my downstairs cupboard will be particularly impressed by this), and yelled "We're off," up the stairs.

Recently, himself has excelled in being a Good Husband, and I felt only slight guilt as I shut the door on the urgent cry of a newly-potty-training toddler: "Wee-wee coming. Wee-wee coming."

Miraculously, we made it to school, just as the bell went.
The small girl made it to the potty (and then carried the thing, sloshing, upstairs to show Daddy).
And I realised that panics are so much more relaxing when you don't know about them in advance.


JJ said...

Inset days are just there to see if the parents' are concentrating! A cheap trick, imo.


So funny! I once took mine TO school, not realising it was an inset day. They've never let me forget it.

Lane said...

What a cool head in a crisis - especially with 'wee-wee coming'!

Moondreamer said...

This takes me back a few years ... fantastic!

And you find time to write too?!

Love your blog, Leigh, keep up the good work! :o)

HelenMH said...

You deserve a Supermum badge!

Leigh said...

JJ - Yep, and I wasn't. But I thought I was! (Concentrating, not cheap.)

Oh, Karen, you poor thing. What a dreadful waste of effort!

Well, you see Lane, I just closed the door on the wee-wee bit. it was more scaredy-cat than cool-cat.

Hello, Moondreamer! I find time to write, and look after the kids, but I save lots of time by not ironing, or dusting, or...well, not doing much housework at all really.

Why, thank you, Helen. I like the sound of that.

Moondreamer said...

The thing about housework is that it will always be there to be done tomorrow!

You have your priorities just right I think! :o)

SallyQ said...

Housework is highly over-rated! And a complete waste of time when you've got small children.

Lucy Diamond said...

Aarrrrgggh! indeed. What a start to the day. ESPECIALLY the PE kit bit (your cupboard sounds similar to mine). Phew - you did it, though, top marks. And relaaaaaax!

Leigh said...

Moondreamer & Sally - you're both soo right here, and I'm with you on this one (hence the state of the house), and I have a collection of fridge magnets to back me up. My favourite: Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance?

Lucy - I'm glad someone understood the cupboard thing; I was beginning to wonder if I were the only one! But I couldn't relax. For some reason, I was unsettled all day, despite my marvellous achievement!

Maddie Moon said...

Hee, hee, it's easy done, Leigh! Kids, husbands, housework, they do occasionally get in the way of the important things in life, like writing.

Amazing how the getting ready and out of the house routine can be done in record speed when needs be!