Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rob the Balloon Guy

I didn't go blogging until quite late last night, and I was really tired (I have a horrible nasty cold and a cough that has kept me awake for the last two nights). This morning I found that most of my comments have not appeared. I conclude one (or more) of the following:
1. I left them on the wrong posts
2. I left them on the wrong blogs
3. I left them on the right posts/blogs, but rambled so much that the blog owners have deleted them.
4. I didn't leave them at all.

Oh, dear. Sorry folks.

The kids are now trashing the house (loudly), and I'm gazing wistfully at an unopened box of Christmas chocolates that I found under the sofa...

Meanwhile: this has gone some way to cheering me up.


Lane said...

I'm gazing wistfully at an unopened box of Christmas chocolates that I found under the sofa.... There's two words I'm not sure about here.

1) Gazing??? Not devouring?

2)Unopened?? You're kidding right?

All I find under the sofa are dustballs and Peggy's stash of contraband:-)

Hope the cold is gwetting better now.

HelenMH said...

Leigh, you NEED to eat the chocolates. trust me!


I sneaked an (unnoticed by the Teens) tin of chocolates into work last week, feeling all smug that I'd resisted temptation, then ate half of them during my tea break.

Maddie Moon said...

Aw, Leigh, hope you're feeling better soon. Go on, have a choccie, you know it makes sense!

SallyQ said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly, Leigh.

Re the blog posts, it could just be that the owners of the blogs haven't okayed them yet.

Leigh said...

Lane, I'm being really good about chocolates. I have lost 4lbs since New Year by just not eating them. Gazing at them doesn't seem to count as calories, so I'm making the most of a bad lot.

You're right, Helen, I do need to eat the chocolates. Perhaps just one!

Karen - Only half? My, what restraint!

Maddie - Okay, I'm convinced. Just one...

I think you've got it there, Sally. They won't have okayed them, because they were!