Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stella: the Agent of Anti-naff

The last time I made a change to my hairstyle was in 1987, when I grew my fringe out. This was following my Goth-phase when I had the sides of my head shaved, and at the start of my hippy phase, when I looked like a 1960's flower girl complete with floral tunic and large spliff.

Since then life has moved on, but my hair never did. It remained long, unlayered, uncoloured, unstyled, occasionally unwashed and unbrushed, and (because I can't stand it in my face) tied back.

It was time for a change.

Some weeks ago, I was recommended to a new hairdresser, the wonderful Stella. We had quite a long chat about which style would suit my face, my age, and my unwillingness to do more than wash it occasionally. Stella knew exactly what would be best, but I reckoned anything would look pretty naff. She was honest enough to say that I couldn't really look any more naff than I already did....

So, yesterday, despite nearly bottling out on several occasions, I let her loose with a pair of sharp sissors. As a result, I am now sporting a smart bob (which I really like!) and an overwhelming sense of gratitude!


SpiralSkies said...

And the pictorial evidence? We demand pictorial evidence...

I've never trusted hairdressers since I accidentally, a few years ago, went to have my sticky-up crop smartened up for an interview.

The guy was Italian. He spoke no English.

I ended up with a practically shaved head with a sort of Mr Whippy thing on top. I cried all around Tunbridge Wells.

Being not a girlie type, I went to the interview in my flat shoes and grey suit. I looked like a leftie lesbian. Not good, when the job was in a very posh private girls school. Sigh.

Maybe I'll apply to Channel 4 next time?

L-Plate Author said...

That's great news, I bet you look and fell uber-trendy. It took me YEARS to find my stylish and he's fab, does exactly what he says on the tin. And luckily he won't leave as it is his own business.

Well done for not bottling out too!

Oh, and I've just added you to my meme list. Check out my blog! x


We need pictures... :)

Took me until my thirties to have the patience to bloomin' grow my hair in the first place. I've never regretted it, and wish I'd done it sooner!

CTaylor said...

Glad I'm not the only hairdressphobic!

Oh yes, before and after photos would be great!

p.s. I went through a grunge phase. I had dreads!

Leigh said...

Ah, Jen, I'm not sure about this! I don't photograph well! Mr Whippy? Ha ha ha - you poor thing. I guess you didn't get the job, then?

L-Plate. Yup, taken me years too, although I admit, I wasn't actually looking for most of the time!

Karen - That's partly why I've been delaying so long. 'You can always grow it back,' people have said. Sure, but not as quickly as you can cut it off!

Dreds? Oh, Cally, I can see you in those! Very Brighton!

Maddie Moon said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I've always wanted a bob, so I can swish my hair seductively, but sadly I don't have the right hair or the right face. Yes, photo please.

HelenMH said...

Where's the photo Leigh?! We need it dontchaknow!

Lane said...

Photo!! We are pleeading:-)

You were very brave to go to the hairdressers. i haven't darkened the door of a salon (are they still even called that?) for years!

Your haircut sounds lovely but I 'm afraid we must have proof:-)

Leigh said...

Maddie - I'm working on the seductive swishing. If I'd thought of that sooner, I'd have had it done years ago!

Helen - You don't need a photo; you'll see it soon enough!

Lane - I agree - I was very brave! Photos? I'll think about it!