Monday, January 14, 2008

Bouncing Boy

Still feeling poorly, but was greatly cheered up by listening to the small boy (on the telephone) telling his father all about his trampolining class today. He was describing certain moves he has learned, and it was funny listening to his interpretation of his teacher's instructions:

'Reach up to the sky' became 'fly up to the sky'; 'push down hard' became 'whoosh down hard' [it's a bit echoey in there], and; 'kill the bed' [and expression meaning to stop suddenly] became 'and we had to kill the trampoline, but, Dad, I didn't know how to do that, so I just stopped bouncing.'


SpiralSkies said...

You can't beat tiddly ones' misinterpretations of instructions to raise a smile.

My fave recent one was when No 2 Son told me I'd have to drink tap water instead of bottled 'now that we're on a comedy drive'.

Yours sounds cute - I'd like to see him flying up to the sky. Sounds fun.

Lane said...

aw bless his little flying cotton socks. I love complete 'sensibleness' of his interpretations:-)


They do come out with some gems, don't they? I must confess to writing down some of the things mine say, to use in my novel. Is that legal??

Sounds like you've been productive, despite not feeling well :)

HelenMH said...

I love small boy's interpretation of trampolining!

Leigh said...

Jen - A comedy drive? I love it. What a wit!

Lane - He can be frighteningly sensible sometimes, which is why it's so nice when he says things like this!

Karen - They do come out with gems. I am always writing them down, and am looking forward to an opportunity to use them too!

Helen - Thank you!